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My goal is to work with clients to determine training goals in weight loss, muscle strength, confidence, and overall wellbeing. All sessions will be tailored to my clients likes and enjoyments. Alongside sessions, I will support my clients outside of training for recovery support and advice.
Female Specific Training is extremely significant to me as a Personal Trainer. Factors such as female cycles, hormonal considerations, confidence, and weight fluctuations all affect training enormously. Working sessions around these factors will help with client results and will add to further confidence in training, self-encouragement, and motivation in everyday life.
My future studies will include Pre and Post-natal training, Advanced Nutrition, and additional knowledge in Female Specific training.

Sporting Interests: My family and I have always placed a high value on physical activity from a very young age, in order to develop teamwork skills and overall health. Beginning with Soccer, Touch Football, and Ballet, then training hard to play for the NSW and Manly State Baseball Women’s League, I pursued an interest in many different sports over the years. I have always been fully committed to Soccer, dedicating all my spare time and effort to improving my fitness and skills. I am currently a member of the Women’s Premier League and have been named Captain for the seasons ahead.

Growing up in a family where food was heavily orientated, I had never been the one to care about healthy foods or proportions. Even with an active lifestyle of participating in weekend sporting teams, my unhealthy habits were obsessive, which lead to the decline in my overall health and confidence, and in turn social issues during my adolescents. I struggled with my weight and a negative body image.

Upon my discovery of physical fitness in the form of gym training, I learned to develop a passionate commitment to health and wellbeing, which has shown to have an overall positive benefit that has remained permanent to me. The journey to improving your health can be difficult, and filled with obstacles that can slow you down or even completely stop you in your tracks. But with the help and support of friends and family, I knew I could achieve big things. You can too!

Sporting Interests: I have always held a general passion for most sports at a comfortable level, though I predominantly played locally for the Narrabeen Sharks rugby league and soccer teams. When I turned 16, I discovered a gym and developed my passion for fitness, where I now currently have 7 years of experience. Through this, I have learned how to develop a mindset that is centred around commitment, resilience, balance and the burning desire to strive for the greatest health and wellbeing achievable.

In my culture a healthy lifestyle and fitness was not a priority. As a young child growing up, I was always surrounded by unhealthy options – fried food, sweet drinks and lollies. Luckily I’ve always been an active person but it wasn’t until I moved from New Zealand to Australia that I learned more about health and fitness – joining my first gym at the age of 21.

I trained hard for 6 months and noticed dramatic change in my body, I loved how I felt and looked! I continued training myself and also helped a lot of my friends become fitter and healthier. Having seen how people can be both negatively and positively influenced, I made the choice to impact people in a positive way – and that is when I became a Personal Trainer!

Sporting Interests: Rugby League is my biggest passion, I was brought up playing it and plan to play for years to come. My biggest achievement was playing a year of professional rugby league with the Cronulla Sharks. I also love Basketball, NFL and play social touch football as well.


I grew up enjoying a highly active lifestyle, but like the majority of us, life took over and work began to take a stranglehold. The more I worked for others, the less time I had for myself, and as a result, my quality of life went by the wayside. Coming from a trade background, I know first-hand how hard it is to find the energy and MAKE the time to change, but I also know how amazingly rewarding it is when you do. With a change of lifestyle, scenery and perspective, I’m now able to pursue my passion and help you achieve the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle! Allow me to help YOU be the best version of YOU!

Sporting Interests: Strength training, and Powerlifting in particular have become a huge part of my life in recent times. I love the resilience that is required, both mentally and physically, to move heavy weights. That being said, I have a general love of all sports – the dedication, sacrifice, persistence and constant challenge to be better is intoxicating to me. That same passion and drive carries through into my training philosophies.