Pub to Pub Fun Run

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Food Plan for your week

Get back into your healthy eating and weekly workouts after your Easter long weekend filled with goodies. Body + Soul nutritionist Lisa Guy prepared this weeks food plan and Gym training workout…. Training Suggestion- 45-minute circuit, with short bursts of cardio and lots of exercise with suspension systems that allow you to use

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Keep It Real, Keep It Raw.

The journey to losing weight, getting fit and healthy can seem both tremendous and yet monotonous if you’re not doing it right. I remember first going on a diet in year 10. It has taken me seven years of ever-changing eating patterns to find this mantra to be true: I used to

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Vital Greens

My Addiction: Vital Greens “Imagine if you could take a quick shot of a pleasant-tasting, miracle liquid each day, to be able to give your body a healthy boost to sharpen your mind, energize and detoxify your body, while strengthening your immune system? Well, you can”… Check out this article by TV presenter Lynn