September 25, 2018( Comments: 0 )

Liam Handley

Growing up in a family where food was heavily orientated, I had never been the one to care about healthy foods or proportions. Even with an active lifestyle of participating in weekend sporting teams, my unhealthy habits were obsessive, which lead to the decline in my overall health and confidence, and in turn social issues during my adolescents. I struggled with my weight and a negative body image.

Upon my discovery of physical fitness in the form of gym training, I learned to develop a passionate commitment to health and wellbeing, which has shown to have an overall positive benefit that has remained permanent to me. The journey to improving your health can be difficult, and filled with obstacles that can slow you down or even completely stop you in your tracks. But with the help and support of friends and family, I knew I could achieve big things. You can too!

Sporting Interests: I have always held a general passion for most sports at a comfortable level, though I predominantly played locally for the Narrabeen Sharks rugby league and soccer teams. When I turned 16, I discovered a gym and developed my passion for fitness, where I now currently have 7 years of experience. Through this, I have learned how to develop a mindset that is centred around commitment, resilience, balance and the burning desire to strive for the greatest health and wellbeing achievable.

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