February 20, 2014( Comments: 0 )

Steve Hanson

I grew up enjoying a highly active lifestyle, but like the majority of us, life took over and work began to take a stranglehold. The more I worked for others, the less time I had for myself, and as a result, my quality of life went by the wayside. Coming from a trade background, I know first-hand how hard it is to find the energy and MAKE the time to change, but I also know how amazingly rewarding it is when you do. With a change of lifestyle, scenery and perspective, I’m now able to pursue my passion and help you achieve the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle! Allow me to help YOU be the best version of YOU!

Sporting Interests: Strength training, and Powerlifting in particular have become a huge part of my life in recent times. I love the resilience that is required, both mentally and physically, to move heavy weights. That being said, I have a general love of all sports – the dedication, sacrifice, persistence and constant challenge to be better is intoxicating to me. That same passion and drive carries through into my training philosophies.

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