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Are You Feeling Low And Lacking Motivation?

You know those times when your head just isn’t in it? You don’t look forward to it and you just don’t have the passion and energy that you once did?

The most important thing in life is that our heads & hearts are into what we do. The mind is a powerful tool, and if we aren’t correctly using our energy then we feel zapped and unmotivated.If you are just not feeling your workouts and your heart or mind isn’t into the routine…you need to switch it up!

1) Try something new and fresh. If going to the gym to do your same routine isn’t making you tick, you gotta mix it up. Try a new sport, a different style of workout, a group class,laps in a pool – no matter where you live on the Northern Beaches you have instant access to so many outdoor rock pools. Avalon, Bilgola, Mona Vale, Narrabeen, Collaroy… The List is LONGG!! Try a few sessions with a trainer, having someone telling you what to do without having to think or assess ‘what should I do next’ is really convenient.

2) Change who you work out with. If you’re always alonetry, working outin a group,you may just need a workout partner, or a new group of motivated faces that can push you.

3) Switch the timeof day that you are training. You may think that the evening is ideal but if that isn’t working for you, try another time for a couple of weeks and see if that helps.

4) Changing your environment. Get outside! Being outdoors is always really nice, especially where we live. Make one of your sessions each week outside, try a bodyweight routine at a park, go hiking, go for a run or take a kettlebell to the beach.

5) Take a break. Are you working out a ton? Getting yourself to training, but still not giving the effort you’d like to? Feel like you’re going through the motions? If this sounds like you, take a break!!


Give yourself a week off, let the body recover and focus on your eating. Recovery and rest is as important as your training, then you can get back into your intense training.

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