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Females and Weight Training

There are a lot of myths out there in the world of fitness. One of the biggest is the myth that women shouldn’t lift weights because it will make them big and bulky – I’m not sure where this myth started but it just won’t go away….

The truth!

No! Weight training will not make you bulky, the truth is that as a female your body simply does not produce enough testosterone (the hormone responsible to grow muscle) to grow as much muscle as what a man would when weight training.

You will however become tighter and more toned – Who doesn’t want that!?

I often hear women say, “what about those female bodybuilders, they look masculine I don’t want to look like that!” – Don’t worry, this is not going to happen to you with weight training, those women have spent years of training, supplementing and dieting too look like that!  

Now in saying all of this, there is some truth to this silly myth. You will over time build lean muscle, this is a good thing! Don’t mistake building lean muscle for being “bulky” – lean muscle is what gives us that toned, defined, athletic look – and with lean muscle comes an increased metabolism! This means that you will burn body fat faster!

Heavy Weights

Another myth is that women shouldn’t lift heavy and should only do light weight for high reps. There is a place for high rep training, but if you truly would like to strengthen and tighten around the midsection, bum and thighs -you’ll need to lift a bit more than 3kgs. If this myth was true we would need to avoid lifting grocery’s, chairs and baby strollers as well!  

Getting Started

The best thing to do when getting started on a resistance training programme is to make sure that the programme is tailored to YOU. There are a lot of training programmes out there, but how do you know if it will fit your specific needs and goals? This is where the help of a personal trainer becomes very useful. A trainer will listen to your goals and needs and write a personalised programme tailored specifically too your needs, goals and ability. They will also help you use the correct lifting technique with exercise’s to help you get the most out of your training. A “cookie cutter” program printed off the internet is not going to be the most beneficial for you!

Our advice to you, if you want to be stronger, leaner, more toned on our beautiful Northern Beaches this summer – get into the gym and start weight training!
Don’t be afraid or intimidated of the weights area in your gym, boys really do not mind if there are females training in the weights area, they are just as focused on their goals as you are!!

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