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Find Your Why!

How many times have you started something and never finished it?

Gone into something with good intentions only to let things slip by?

Set goals, only to fall short?

How many times have you quite simply…Given Up!?

It’s pretty common to hear the age old “almost, but not quite stories”. Not only in the gym, but in day to day life, we are surrounded by them.

  • I was going to do that last rep, but I couldn’t be bothered
  • I almost made that team, but just missed out
  • I was going to going to go for a run on the weekend, but didn’t get to it
  • I did quit for a while…but then I kinda just started again
  • I was eating healthy, but then I got bored
  • I had every intention of being good on the weekend…but nah.

If you ask me….our problem is simple. We forgot our why. As in… WHY were we doing it in the first place?

Everything we do…we do for a why. Be it something stupid…like going to the dentist to get your wisdom teeth out. WHY? Because the dentist told you that it needed to be done to avoid further issues in the future. And I think, probably because the dentist wants to inflict pain on you. Or maybe it’s for more heartfelt reasons. Maybe you’re giving up smoking….why? Because it benefits the health of your baby girl who has asthma. But the simple fact remains that everything we do, we do for a reason. The problem lies in that, as soon as we reach our first hurdle, we forget that reason. We forget that you started your fitness journey because you were sick of feeling lazy and sh!t about yourself and knew that by introducing exercise, things would change. You forget that your “bad knee” would in fact be a lot less “bad” if you lost the some weight and took some stress off the joint. You forget that you are your son’s biggest role model, and your poor food choices are being followed to a tee, resulting in his childhood obesity, and that his change comes down to the example you’re setting.

When the going gets tough, we focus on the struggle rather than the reason you started in the first place. Our WHY. And that’s why so many journeys fall short.

So how do you avoid it? That answer varies….depending on you and your why. But generally, the answer is quite simple. Remind yourself…. Whatever way works best for you.

If your goal is to get shredded for your holiday, put a reminder in your phone of how many days left until you leave and have it go off every morning before gym.

If you’re worried that you are missing out on playing with your child because of your poor health….carry a photo of them everywhere you go.

If you want to fit into a certain dress…keep that dress on show. You girls that get married…you are often in the best shape of your lives when that happens….why? Because you are constantly reminding yourself of the big day. You’ve had an image in your head of how that day will go and how amazing you will look since you were a little girl, and you are hell bent on making it happen. It’s your WHY!

As trainers, we will always stress the importance of goal setting, and making sure that they are realistic and attainable, and I will not argue that in the slightest. Without them, we will often lose sight of the forest through the trees. But setting goals is the easy part. I mean….we all know what we want. The hard part is getting there. Pushing through the inevitable struggle required to reach them.

You need to have a reason to keep pushing. You need to know your reward. You need to know that it’s worth it.

You need your WHY…


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