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Finding the motivation to Train in the Winter Months

Hi Everyone

Are we all finding it hard to stay motivated to train in the colder months? I know I am.

Why don’t we change our mindset and look at ways of changing the cold months to be the time we motivate to get that body ready and looking good for summer?

How can we motivate ourselves? EASY! I have listed a few simple things that we can do:

Train With a Friend
Nothing beats training with a friend. You are less likely to not turn up at the gym when you know you are going to let someone else down. Create exercise programs that you can both stick to or better still get a PT.

Train for an event
There is nothing like having a short-term goal to work towards to keep you focused and on track with your training. Get on board in your local area and register for a fun run or a small triathlon.

Set a goal
Not really into running? No problem! Set another goal, such as a few kilos’ weight loss or a five per cent reduction in body fat. Stick a photo of that bikini you want to buy on the fridge. When you see that swimwear, knowing each day that passes brings you closer to hitting the beach this summer, you are going to be keen to close that fridge door and grab the skipping rope instead. There’s nothing like a picture to motivate you. It might not be a bikini; it might be a photo of you in terrific shape or a great outfit you want to wear. Whatever image works for you, stick it up where you’ll see it every day.

Focus on the benefits
We need to remind ourselves of the benefits exercise brings you. You want to manage your stress levels, have an abundance of energy and feel good about yourself rather than falling asleep at your desk, feeling overwhelmed and overweight. So get a piece of paper and write down all the ways exercise adds to the quality of your life. Stick it on the fridge, along with your photo, and read it regularly, particularly when you are feeling flat.

Get a trainer
Personal trainers are the masters of motivation and winter can be a great time to invest in one. Can’t afford a personal trainer? Join a group class and get motivated.

Reward yourself
When you reach your goal, reward yourself. Not with a big cake, but with something special like a new outfit for your new body. There’s nothing like working towards a goal, achieving it, then splashing out to say: “Well done me”.


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