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How to change your Fitness Resolution and make it a lifestyle Change

Hi Everyone,

Hope you have been well. Kids are back at school so there should be NO excuses to hit the gym and get started

Did you know that only 8% of people actually keep and stick to their New Year’s Resolution. Pretty interesting statistic I thought

So here are some tips to help you stick to your Lifestyle Change:

Talk About it
– Only way to start is to tell others about your lifestyle change. It becomes real when you include others and tell people about your goal

Write it down
– Don’t just talk about it. Write it down. Put it on the fridge so you look at it all the time. Writing it down and seeing it all the time makes it real

Include a friend
– Include a friend in your lifestyle change and make it something you do with a mate. This way you are not only letting yourself down if you don’t stick to it but the other person as well

Set realistic Goals
– Always set realistic goals. Aim for something you can achieve. So break down your goals to weekly, fortnightly and monthly. Baby steps. AND don’t worry if you don’t reach them. Just get back on

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