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Get Fit Don’t Quit

I see all types of bodies training, and I know it’s easy to look around and wonder why some are improving more than others.

Many people feel if they aren’t seeing some sort of quick change they aren’t making progress and can get easily frustrated – resorting them back to their old lifestyle of convenience and unhealthy choices.                         

What they don’t realise, is even though they may not see physical results right away – the body is changing:

  • Energy increasing
  • Body fat decreasing (doesn’t necessarily mean a drop on the scale)
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Balancing insulin levels – These are all examples of the body changing for the better.

The consistency of eating healthy all year round results in your body staying fit for the long haul versus up and down yo-yo dieting which many women are all too familiar with.

I used to tell myself “I will eat what I want this week then next week back on a strict diet”! This was a vicious cycle of eating and then extreme dieting, then getting so hungry that I would binge eat and regret it afterwards. It’s hard for me to admit that, but I do think many women out there struggle with similar cycles.

The bottom line is….. DON’T QUIT!! If you are trying to lose weight, gain size, tone up or just feel better overall, realise that it doesn’t happen overnight and the key to success is a lifestyle change for life!

For those that are yet to start on their fitness journey, pop in to see us in Warriewood on the Northern Beaches and we will provide you with a welcoming gym environment to achieve those goals!!

Lani @ Reception

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