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Growing up in a Gym!

“Mum, why aren’t you wet?” This is what I get greeted with after a workout if I’m not sweaty enough, by my 4 year old daughter, Hunter.

My daughter, Hunter (4) and Preslie (6) are great motivators whilst I’m at the gym, not only the gym in fact, but wherever we are, I endeavour to be a great role model for my girls.

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is the only world my girls know. They were both brought up in the gym environment. Preslie started coming to the crèche here at The Gym Factory when she was 2.8 and Hunter at the young age of only 4 months. Quite often if the crèche is very quiet or we are the only ones there the girls ask if they can go and watch the members train.

At first they were mesmerised and just stared… Then they started asking questions about the equipment and how certain exercises were performed. After crèche was over for the day, they wanted to do their own workout!
I’m not saying they will be world record holders for weight lifting or PT’s, but what a great introduction to a healthy lifestyle?

Often at home, one of their favourite games is “let’s do Eve’s class”, or “let’s do Ritchie’s class’’ and I need to be Eve or Ritchie and go through a class with them. Instead of weight bars we use sticks, instead of weights we use empty water bottles, They LOVE it! Better than watching TV inside all day…

They are and have been in the crèche a lot over the years. Do they complain? NEVER!

Both Preslie and Hunter have made some fantastic friends at the crèche and I’m sure they will remain friends for quite some time.

Our little crèche, without sounding cliché, is like a family. The children all feel safe, well cared for and at the same time – have fun! They often come at the same time/day each week and see familiar faces who they call friends. It puts a massive smile on my face when their eyes light up when they spot a friend.

You might be thinking ‘but I hear them crying in there…” of course they cry! Like us, we all have our bad days. We may be tired, maybe something didn’t go our way, or we may be hungry, usually the latter for myself, but it makes it worth the while to turn their frowns upside down.

I get to work in the fitness industry, alongside the best team ever and I get to work with children – I love it!
My 2 passions – FITNESS and CHILDREN! I am also so excited about our new kid’s fitness classes at the The Gym Factory. My girls cannot wait and neither can I… This is exactly what they’ve been waiting for!

I mentioned my 2 passions before, fitness and children, I do have one more… ME! I love my gym time as well because I get time for myself, and let’s be honest – all mums and dads need that!

My life is filled with all the things I love; my two beautiful girls, my big galah of a husband, my parents, great friends (many of whom I met through the gym) good food, good chats (don’t mind an old chin-wag), a great gym to train hard at and follow my fitness goals and a job I look forward to going to each day.


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