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How to get your mojo back after not exercising for a prolonged period. Or maybe you never even started!!

How often do you tell yourself, “I’ll start exercising next week” or “I’m going to get fit and healthy for my 40th birthday?”
Maybe you used to exercise when you were younger, but since having kids, you “can’t find the time” or maybe you’ve never been one to exercise.

There are so many people out there who, I know, would love to be one of “those people who love working out.”
But do you know what?
No one loves working out every time!
I’m a personal trainer and even I have days where I just don’t feel like it! I’m tired or am just not feeling motivated. But 95% of the time, I train anyway.
Because I know I’ll feel better afterwards!

But being able to just tell myself to go and train comes from being consistent with my training. And the knowledge that I will feel amazing and have much more energy afterwards!

How can you “get back into it” if you’re struggling to find the time and/or motivation?
The following tips are what I tell my clients when they have lost their mojo.

1-Diarise when you can train. Treat your session like an appointment and at the beginning of every week, write the times you plan on training in your diary.
Don’t cancel!

2-Ease into it.
Don’t start off with the hardest class at the gym, or try to run 10kms!
You will never go back, if you can’t walk for a week after your first session!
I always tell my clients that it’s more important that they feel comfortable and are enjoying what they are doing FIRST.
Then you can work on smashing some sessions and reaching your goals. But if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, why would you keep doing it long term?

3- Use a PT, otherwise find a reliable friend and organise to exercise together.
A PT will push you harder than you would train on your own and will be able to give you a program to follow, and even help you with nutrition too.
Training with a PT or a friend makes you accountable, and therefore less likely to cancel.

4-Find something fun or different that you will enjoy doing!
Exercise doesn’t have to be boring!
What about trying that new class at the gym that you’ve been too scared to try, or going down to the local pool for a swim? ( Fitness instructors are mostly very approachable- if you talk to them at the beginning of a class and tell them you are new, or just getting back into it, they will support and help you) or how about trying rock climbing? Or a dance class?
Last year I was getting bored with my regime, so I took up pole dancing! It took a lot of courage, and actually turning up at the very first class was hard, but I loved it! And it gave me that boost that I needed at the time!

5-Set some goals.
I find that if I have goals, then I am more likely to stay motivated.
Make sure they are specific, ( eg I want to lose 3 kgs by 15 June), measurable ( so you know when you have reached them) achievable and realistic, and make sure you give yourself a time frame to achieve the goal.

6- Don’t deprive yourself!!
I find a lot of my clients get back into their fitness regime and never allow themselves any treats at all. They think that now they are “back on track” they need to only eat an organic, paleo, no carb diet.
Who wants to live like that?!! Not me!
It is ok to have a treat every now and then! I have a piece of chocolate most nights! I’m not saying it’s ok to eat a family block of Cadbury, but allowing yourself some treats is better than feeling deprived and bingeing down the track.
Think of it as a lifestyle, not a diet or something that is hard to stick to. You are more likely to stick to it, if you are realistic and are not depriving yourself TOO much.

7-Be prepared!
This applies to both your training and your nutrition.
If you are training in the morning, get your workout clothes out the night before. If it’s at night, make sure, if you are going straight from work, that all your stuff is packed so you don’t have to go home first. ( you know there’s no chance you will leave the house again once you’ve walked in the door!)
With your food, pack lunches the night before. Have snacks ready so you don’t buy muffins and chips.
Plan your dinners for the week, so you are not buying take away because you don’t have anything to cook.

And lastly, don’t take it all so seriously!! If you miss a workout, because you were too tired, or even if you just couldn’t be bothered, it’s OK!
It doesn’t mean you should go and eat 2 Big Macs, a large fries and a chocolate sundae, and “start again next week!”
Just put it behind you and try again the next day.

I know what it’s like to lose motivation and I hope some of these tips help you if you are struggling right now.
It’s ok- pick yourself up and try again! You will get there!

Eve xxx

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