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There is no doubt that we love a great coffee up here on the Northern Beaches, we have some AMAZING coffee shops around us here in Warriewood, Narrabeen and Mona Vale, and guess what – you can have coffee and not feel guilty afterwards! Coffee is loaded with compounds that increase metabolic rate. But there is more to coffee than just an energy kick; more and more research is coming out suggesting that the consumption of dark coffee has several health benefits!


The consumption of coffee can be traced back to 17th century England where coffee houses were called ‘’penny universities”, because for a penny people could buy a cup of coffee and have intellectual conversations with people. If only we could buy a cup of coffee for that same price today! These days over 400 billion cups are brewed each year!!

Health benefits of coffee:

Researchers in the US carried out a study on the effects of coffee consumption and Parkinson’s disease – the study concluded that coffee drinkers and caffeine intake was associated with lower risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Liver disease:

Regular coffee consumption is also linked to a reduced risk of cirrhosis, a liver disease developed in alcohol drinkers. Drinking decaf coffee also proved to lower liver enzyme levels suggesting that the benefits are not from the caffeine content.

Helps keep you regular:

For unknown reasons, there is something in coffee that makes you want to poop 5 minutes after consuming it! Many researchers put this down to the caffeine content in coffee yet the same symptoms have been associated with decaffeinated coffee. Although researchers still don’t know what it is exactly that it is in coffee that makes us run to the bathroom they concluded that it must have an effect on the epithelial tissue of the stomach and small intestines.

Nutritional info of coffee:

In a long black coffee (that’s coffee without milk), there is only around 2 calories – however when you add milk and sugar to the coffee the calories can shoot up tremendously.
If you start to add cream or syrup to that, for example a Starbucks Frappe – you can be looking at up to 400calories, YIKES! That’s a far cry from 17th century England!
Coffee also has many antioxidants and is actually North America’s number 1 source of antioxidants!
The key here, like everything, is moderation – the best benefits come from having one or two cups a day. Anymore and you may find yourself with some unwanted side effects!
Try to keep calories in coffee low by not adding extra sugar or cream to your coffee! Long blacks are ideally the way to go, and add some cold milk for taste.

Over doing it!:

Like anything, it is easy to have too much of a good thing! Too much coffee can result in some unpleasant side effects. Caffeine can cause anxiety in normal people but also those with pre-existing conditions. High caffeine intake is also associated with depression, as a lot people like to self-medicate and believe the caffeine will change their mood.


Coffee is awesome! Just make sure to keep it in moderation, and make smart choices. E.G.2 Sugars??Really? You don’t need that!!
If you fancy a natural pre-workout in preparation for the gym – give yourself a hit with short black!

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