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Lacking Motivation? Read Here!

What drives motivation?
Motivation can be used to describe ones behavioural patterns and a person’s willingness to do something based on their actions, desires and needs. It’s the difference between ordering a pizza and watching TV or having a fruit shake and going for a run.

What drives a persons motivation can come down to a number of different factors such as eating habits, energy levels, stress levels, desire to reach a goal, importance of a goal, time constraints, self image and many more. I see all too often the face of self-doubt, the cancelled membership and the wasted money due to lack of motivation. Ahead are some strategies that can be implemented if motivation is the key factor affecting your performance.

Set goals
If you don’t know where you are going, how do you know when you get there? Set your self-short term and long-term goals. Make sure you put a number figure on it and ensure you have a finish date. This can be related to anything –
• Attending the gym 3 times a week up until Christmas
• Do 10 push ups in 3 months time
• Be able to run 1km in 4 weeks time
• Lose 10kg by the time you go on a planned holiday

Have a work out buddy
Working out by yourself can definitely get boring and you can lose focus pretty quick. Have a member of your family or a friend to train with you and help push each other that bit harder. You’ll be surprised how much faster a workout can go when you’re enjoying it with someone else!

Reward yourself
I find for myself that a reward when I reach my target always helps me push harder for my next goal. The reward must be proportional to the goal. This can be buying new gym clothes when you get to that squat target, or going on a weekend trip when you get to that 20kg weight loss target.

Classes or PT sessions
You are more likely to stick to a session if it has a time attached to it rather than deciding to go to the gym yourself. Group classes and Personal training sessions offer the best motivation you can get.

Get into your own rhythm
There’s often a lot going on in a gym and a lot to distract you. If you find you get distracted easy, put in your headphones, go into your own zone and block the rest of the world out just for that work out.

Think positive!
Always stay in a positive state of mind no matter what. Exercise actually releases the same chemicals in your brain as eating chocolate or laughing!

Remember that motivation is simply a mindset, and it is something that we do have control of, obviously there are a lot of contributing factors that can cause our motivation to go up & down – but ultimately we have the ability to change this! Try incorporating some of the above into your training plan and see if they have a positive effect on you. If you are still lacking motivation, feel free to come and have a chat to me in the gym and we can discuss some other ways to help you…


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