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Let me tell you something about myself. Guy’s and Gal’s, I dislike cardio IMMENSELY. I won’t say I hate it, because I understand and appreciate its benefits, but for me, well, nup! If you ever see me going for a leisurely run beside the road, you should pull over and offer me a lift because I’m either drunk and don’t know where I am, or my car has broken down.

I much prefer, and am a huge advocate for the art of strength and weight training. I find that it pushes me more physically, and mentally than its cardio cousin, and being someone with a chronically short attention span, I find I’m more ‘engaged’ in my training when weights are involved. I’m more driven to push harder and be better. Plus, being strong is impressive. And if you’re REALLY strong…it’s REALLY DAMN IMPRESSIVE!

Unfortunately, there are a few stigmas that are associated with weight lifting, particularly among females. So firstly, let me debunk the biggest myth of them all. Ladies, if you lift weights you are NOT GOING TO TURN INTO A MAN! That’s because women simply don’t produce enough testosterone to grow manly muscles. Yes, you can increase your muscle mass and decrease your body fat to look toned but you’ll never be ripping out of your tops, don’t worry.

Now, with that covered, here are just a few of the benefits of lifting heavy things and putting them down again:
1) Increased muscle mass will speed up your metabolism, helping you to burn more calories when at rest because muscle burns more calories than fat. It will also allow you to eat more food without putting on weight. (Sign Me UP!)
2) Everyday activities will become easier as your body gets stronger. Just think, you just might be able to carry all your shopping bags into the house in one trip!
3) Bone density is improved by putting heavy loads onto your bones through activities like weight lifting. This is particularly important as you age and you can actually reverse the early signs of osteopenia or osteoporosis through weight lifting.
4) You’ll get lean, that all-encompassing golden fitness goal. While you might not see any difference on the scales, your clothes will feel looser and you will be tighter all over as 1lb of muscle takes up a lot less space than 1lb of fat.
5) Your posture will improve, instantly giving the illusion that you’re taller and slimmer. By strengthening your core (including your back) you’ll be able to pull your shoulder-blades down your back, elongating your neck and pulling in your waist.
6) Improves motor skills like balance and co-ordination. If you can clean and jerk like a boss then your everyday life will be a breeze.
7) Decreases the risk of injury through strengthening bones, ligaments and tendons. Say goodbye to back pain, twisted ankles and twinges in your knees.
8) Weight lifting, like any exercise, releases endorphins which will instantly lift your mood and make everything seem better. Remember this one when you can’t be bothered to go to the gym.
9) It allows you to focus very specifically on muscles and areas that you want to work. For example, you can work on bulking up your calves, or ‘toning’ your upper arms by working on your biceps and triceps. I seem to spend an extraordinary amount of time on my legs for some reason…(shut-up, I know, you can’t tell!)

When you start weight lifting it’s a good idea to have a session either with a Personal Trainer or Gym Instructor so that they can show you the proper form and technique on the resistance machines and free weights. Technique is so important when you’re loading your body with heavy things as it can be very easy to do something wrong and not work out the part of your body that you’re trying to target, it’s also an injury risk if you’re not doing the exercises correctly.

If you have any queries or are interested in slinging some iron, let’s get in touch, have a chat and put a plan in place. If you want to start lifting heavy things with me, I’ll see you at the bar!


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