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Hi guys,

Lani here from The Gym Factory!

All of us want to look great, and have lots of energy….but do we have the knowledge to achieve it? I would like to teach you about metabolism, these little tips will really help you boost your knowledge in this department and help you on your way towards a fitter, healthier lifestyle!


Metabolism refers to the physical and chemical events that occur in the body which keep us functioning normally in order to stay alive.
To carry out these processes; our body converts energy from the food we eat. The chemicals in our digestive system break down the food into fuel, which is either used immediately or stored in the body’s tissues.

How to speed up your Metabolism . . .

• Eat 5-6 times a day, every 2-3 hours. And within one hour of waking up….
• Start your day off with something spicy; Cayenne pepper, chilies, or jalapenos – they contain Capsaicin which increases your metabolism through thermogenesis (this allows your body to burn calories through heat production).
• Eat slow-digesting (complex) carbs; oatmeal, rice, sweet potato and quinoa – they help us maintain low levels of insulin so that our body does not get signaled to store body fat.
• Drink Green Tea; Caffeine is a stimulant that can help to increase your metabolic rate.
• Eat easy digesting foods; Fish, salads, bananas etc. Also, boil your vegies! This will give your body a head start, and prevent it from doing extra work to break down foods like steak and raw vegies…
• Drink lots of water; drinking water is likely caused by the body’s efforts to warm the water to body temperature. Studies show that men burned fats to provide energy in warming the water, and women burned carbohydrates.
• Weight training; increase your muscle mass! Having an increased muscle mass will allow you to burn approximately 100 extra calories per day while sitting. Ladies – don’t take this the wrong way, having muscle mass does not mean you’re going to look bulky like a man!
• Perform HIIT; [high intensity interval training] – it accelerates fat burning – (The Gym Factory HITT Group Class is on Thursdays @ 5.30pm)
• Avoid alcohol; but if you must, wine is best.
• Get an extra 30 minutes sleep; a well-rested body burns calories more efficiently.
• Do not stress; this will lead to overeating or worse, not eating…and what have you learnt about speeding up the metabolism… Eat!… 5-6 small meals per day 

We would love to hear how these tips have helped you, so if you’re in Warriewood, Narrabeen, Mona Vale, Newport, Bayview, Church Point, Collaroy, or anywhere on the Northern Beaches – pop in and see us! We’ll also give you a free trial pass while you’re here

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