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No time for exercise?

As a trainer, I get asked all the time, “how do you find the time to exercise” and “how can I motivate myself to exercise”?

The short answer is there is no easy answer.

I guess the first part of the story is respecting your body. It says as lot about who you are as a person when you invest the time to take care of yourself. It says your respect and love yourself enough to do the things necessary for you to be at YOUR personal best.

  • Each time you get into the gym (or outdoors) for a workout on a day when you just don’t feel like it, you grow a little stronger as a human being.
  • Each time you go for a run or walk on a cold winters day when you feel like staying under the warm cozy covers, you strengthen your character.
  • When you endure a tough workout, it enables you to persevere through any other challenges in your life.

The second part is there is no such thing as consistent motivation. This is usually the first thing that gets you to the gym when you have paid your money and are pumped up with the promise of a six pack or “Bikini body”. It varies but this can last a week, or two, maybe a few more for some people. Then the dawning realisation that you have to actually keep GOING 4 days a week??? For the rest of my life???


When the motivation falls away, what keeps you going? … HABIT!

The habitual notion of exercise is what will make you get up, show up and give it what you have on any given day… some days you will go through the motions and give 50% and on other days you will be powering and feeling super-fit 110% – both workouts are valid and inevitable.

And when you don’t feel like it? Remind yourself that “feeling like it” isn’t a prerequisite for sticking to your plan. (That’s where trainers can be very persuasive )

And finally what happens when you miss that workout?

You miss a workout you have done something to “strengthen the habit” of not working out. With each missed workout, you start to lose confidence and being to question whether you can actually stick with it at all. A missed workout fuels self doubt and makes that negative habit stronger. Miss enough workouts and eventually that negative habit of not working out will replace the positive habit of exercising that you have worked so hard to cultivate.

The real challenge for most people is not the workout itself, but actually overcoming the negative thoughts that try to sabotage your very good intentions.

There you have it… I hope this resonates with you and if you are feeling like you need any special attention, myself and my colleagues are experts in developing our exercise habits. Come and pick our brains..

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