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So how important is Protein as part of your training regime. Very Important. Protein is an essential nutrient for power and peak performance and recovery Adequate protein consumption is vital for health. When you train, you especially need sufficient protein for muscle growth and repair. Having Protein after a workout rapidly assists the natural breakdown of muscle that occurs following a workout. This will help you recover faster and train at greater intensity in your next training session.


Protein may help improve your overall performance and recovery when supplemented pre- and post- exercise. Also, by adding protein to your pre-exercise meal, you will have a lowered glycaemic index (GI) of the carbohydrates ingested along with it. This is good news for maintaining more regular blood sugar levels and a regular source of energy during your training.

The 30 minutes post-exercise is the most critical period, as your body is at its optimal state to receive and restore carbohydrates and protein. By consuming protein immediately after exercise, it enhances muscle growth and repair. In fact, recent research suggests that protein works most effectively if taken in the post-exercise window. So that gets me to the most important topic.


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