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Six Tips to Weight Loss

Weight loss is something I am no stranger to. Been there done that, three times in the past decade!

By three times I mean, there has been three times in the past ten years that I have tried, truly tried to lose weight – And I have been successful.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty more times where I thought I was trying to lose weight. But I wasn’t, not 100%.

The key word here is ‘try’. If you are someone who ‘wants’ to lose weight, have you actually tried? I don’t mean for three days, two weeks, or one month – I mean really tried.
If I asked you five questions in regards to your past or current attempts at weight loss I’m pretty sure we could work out how you score on the try scale.

  1. Have you chosen a method of losing weight that you enjoy?
  2. Have you kept a food diary?
  3. Do you consciously track how much water you are drinking per day?
  4. Have you educated yourself on how food is measured?
  5. Are you being physically active?
  6. And 6…less a question, but more a statement/reminder.

  7. Treat yo self…when you have earnt it!


Have you kept a food diary?

If the answer is no… My response would be – so you haven’t taken this seriously…yet? The secret to weight loss I believe is as simple as keeping a food diary. If you don’t want to write what you are about to eat in a food diary, then do not eat it. It really is that simple. I ask my clients to think about it like this – if the food choice you are about to make going to get you closer or further away from your goal? If it’s the latter, don’t eat it so that you don’t have to write it down. I’d also suggest pre-planning a food diary, seeing in advance what your day will look like. Whether it be calories, or macronutrients (more on that later) it is important to know whether at the end of the day you are eating a grand total that is in fact going to enable you to lose weight. There is no point in guessing, guessing doesn’t get results, planning does.

Have you educated yourself on how food is measured?

Let’s say we have two people standing side by side, both with a goal to lose 5kg. One male, one female, chances are these two people will not weigh the same to start with. With nutrition a major factor in weight-loss, it would be important for both to know that their food consumption targets, in order for them to lose 5kg would be quite different. Two main ways of measuring food are macronutrients and calories. While I think it is important to not over analyse everything you eat, I do think its important to have a basic understanding of what your intake is and where it should be in regards to your goals. For example; if you are considering working with macronutrients you should have an understanding of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats and what foods you enjoy that fall into these categories in order to calculate a daily intake that hits your targets.

Treat yourself…when and only when you have EARNT it.

If you are serious about weight-loss, you will seriously be doing all in your power to eat and exercise right. I love when someone says ‘I had my cheat meal last night’. What?!?! Love it! A cheat meal isn’t a reward at the end of day three of trying to eat healthy, believe it or not a cheat meal is a strategically placed meal that comes sometime after day three.

So…have you tried? I mean really, truly tried? If so, no doubt you have been successful and hopefully have chosen a journey that is a lifestyle change, one that you enjoy and are able to maintain.
I have first-hand experience with choosing a weight loss journey that isn’t so fun, allowing it to take over and quite frankly whilst I lost the weight I didn’t have much fun along the way, much of a social life and was way too scared to cross the lines of what was needed to be done. I like to call this weight-loss tunnel vision and while it is important to be serious, truly try and allow yourself to achieve your goals. I do believe it is so important to choose a journey that enables you to live – be social, happy and motivated all at the same time.
If you are stuck with any of the above, need some direction, accountability, or a little extra knowledge feel free to ask me a question on the floor. And most importantly don’t be upset with your results unless you have truly tried, if you truly try you will achieve what you are after 🙂

Ash Kavanagh

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