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Stability training is one of those things that a lot of people don’t do, maybe because they don’t know how? Or maybe because it’s not something you can really see visual change with straight away – but let me tell you, the benefits are AMAZING!!

For years athletes have known the benefits of balance training for their chosen sport. But you don’t need to be an athlete to reap the benefits of a good stability program! I’d like to tell you just a few reasons to start stability training now….

Stability work is good everyone, regardless of what your current goal is…weight loss, muscle gain, sport specific, maintain shape/health – it is something everyone should be doing 😉

1. TIGHTEN YOUR MID-SECTION: Balance training helps to recruit more muscle in your mid-section, by strengthening these muscles it encourages them to pull your stomach in tight.

2.BURN MORE CALORIES:Because the balance training will recruit more muscle, when you have more muscle in your body, your metabolism increases both at rest, and during exercise. In turn, you’re going to burn more calories – great for those with a weight loss goal!

3.IMPROVE YOUR MIND-MUSCLE CONTROL:Training for stability will help to improve your proprioception; this means you will have better control of your muscles when you ask them to do something. This will help you improve in other areas of training, e.g strength training.

4.DECREASE YOUR CHANCE OF INJURY:Quite often its weakness in our stabiliser muscles that leads to injury, this is caused because the stabiliser muscles are the ones that, as it reads….keeps you stable! They support the main muscle group that you’re engaging, when this support is not occurring correctly, that’s when it can lead to injury!

Training for balance and stability is a great way to add variety to a workout or push through a stage of plateau that we all go through. To find out about the best stability exercises for you, talk to one of our awesome trainers to help get you started…

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