July 3, 2014( Comments: 0 )

Summer bodies … Are made in Winter.

It’s 5am, the alarm has gone off, twice. There is dew on the window and you can’t even fathom being able to get to the bathroom without throwing on your ugg boots and possibly a jumper that looks like something you would wear at the snow. Bed is such a good option, the only option in your comfort zone.

Four words… Do I? Don’t I?

My gym class starts in 40minutes, I’m booked in, I go every week. Surely the trainer won’t notice I’m not there? Or will they?

But if I don’t go this morning I’ll go this afternoon. Who am I kidding that never happens. The day will get away from me and this afternoon all I will be thinking is ‘I should have trained this morning’.


Ok I’m up, guilt trip worked. Gym shoes on, my new tights (reason in itself to train). But first breakfast to go…choc chip muffin that someone brought over (because you can always count ok someone to do a little sabotage when you’re on a clean eating roll) or oats. Whyyyyy these constant battles. Ok do the oats and get it done, I’m up I might as well make it worth it. Oats, strawberries … Good choice, ten points to me. Winning.

In the car. Car temp says its stupid degrees outside, I’ll claim it and tell myself I’m a warrior for being out in this. I make the run to the gym door, class has just started. Just in the nick of time I score the last treadmill and I’m back in the game, the whole 5:40am crew is there the music is pumping, we all smash it for the next 40mins and to be honest I don’t think once about why I didn’t want to get out of bed. Warm up, main set, cool down, stretch, done. It’s done. It’s not even 6:30am and while the majority of people are still in bed I’m done. Stoked. So….rewind 90mins ago – when that alarm goes off, and you start to have that conversation with yourself that consists of all the reasons you should stay in bed. Get up.

Because summer bodies…are made in Winter.

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