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Ladies and Gents, I’ve done it! I’ve come up with THEdiet to achieve your health and fitness goals. A definitive list of foods you should NEVER eat for fat loss, and a list of foods GUARANTEED to make your muscles burst at the seam with vascularity…..Are you ready?…….Here goes;

Nope. Not a typo.This is the truth. There really are no foods that you should NEVER eat, NONE. The same goes for gaining muscle, nothing. In isolation, NO food can help or hinder fat loss or muscle gain. So what does this mean? Let me break it down…

The not-so-harsh reality is that you can eat pizza, ice-cream & even doughnuts EVERY DAY if you wish, so long as you are properly accounting for it within your daily macronutrient requirements.

Truth be known, I hate the word DIET. To me, it’s a word associated with Restriction. Discipline. Structure. The true trick to any “DIET” is sustainability. Find what works for you, and enjoy the process. Yes, going all out may have worked TO AN EXTENT in the past….and you lost that 10kg…but where are you now? And more importantly – why? If the answer is because you “fell off the bandwagon” or “lost motivation”, you’ve just proved my point of writing this post. What you were doing didn’t work for you because you couldn’t stick to it.

My opinion is simple; find your appropriate macronutrient targets, eat accordingly to them with FREEDOM, and trust the process. Sure, the results may not be as drastic as your extremist diets, but the process as a whole will be much more enjoyable, and more importantly, rewarding. You will LEARN about your body. What foods you do and don’t like. How to factor those into your day without hindering progress, andwhat you may have to sacrifice to do so?

You can enjoy a night out with the boys/girls. You can have your Sunday family barbeque. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO! You just have to earn it…

If you want help, hit me up in the gym or shoot me a message. We can sit down and establish where you’re at, where you want to go…and the SMARTEST way about getting there!

Your friend in the fridge,
Steve Hanson

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