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The importance of gradual progression in training

Just last month I put up a challenge to members and staff;

The challenge was to complete 25 unbroken goblets squats holding 50% of your body weight. There was more to this challenge than simply pounding out 25 reps. It was actually a test of your strength, endurance, and an insight into how you will hold up under the bar of a back squat. There is even merit to say, if you didn’t make it to 25 without breaking…you really shouldn’t have a bar on your back.

This brings in the importance of gradual progression. Too often I see people coming into the gym, starting with exercises that are probably too advanced for them or lifting weight that is too heavy for them, and they perform the exercises with terrible form. There in-lies the importance of gradual progression!

So, what is it, what is gradual progression?

First of all, we need to look at overload.

Most people know that in order to get results you need to put your body under stress (load) that you are not used to, so that your body can change and adapt and become stronger, fitter etc.

Progression is how we go about increasing the load.

When it comes to increasing load, it’s best to increases GRADUALLY…whether that be the amount of weight you move, or the amount of times you do it. Making small, incremental changes here and there, rather than jumping straight in to a big weight or complicated movement. Not only is this the best way to get results, but it’s the best way to avoid an injury.

Here’s something to think about….

What causes the most injuries in recreation gym related activities?

It’s not cross-fit! And it’s not powerlifting either!

It’s actually running! Recreational running actually causes the most injuries out of these activities. Up to 80% percent of runners are in pain and this really comes down to how people are moving.

When it comes to something like going for a run it seems pretty natural, but even with running – the importance of gradual progression is key.

For example, if you have been out of the game for a while and decide to start getting back to some training, the first move will most likely be going on a run.

But in the same way that your body can adapt to training stimulus, if you have been at your desk for 8 hours a day then your body will adapt to that too. So when you go on that run your body will move differently. Going from 0-100 (sitting to running) is quite often going to result in an injury.

So how do you get to the point that you can run or jump or lift weight that you would like too? Through gradually progressing the exercises. Like the old saying goes, sometimes you need to learn to walk before you can run, or was it crawl before you can walk? 😊

All this said, sometimes it gets hard to leave your ego at the door but if you want to live a healthy life and to continue training. Give these things some consideration.

If you are looking for any extra info, just flag me down!


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