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The mechanics behind weight training and muscle growth

Ok Northern Beaches crew, learning time…..

A lot of people set out with the goal for muscle growth… generally for men that will be to put on size or to get stronger for sport/work. For women quite often it is to become stronger, more defined and to have the ability to burn more fat at rest…..

So what are the mechanics behind muscle growth and what do we need to know?

How do muscles grow?

To start off we need to know how muscle growth occurs.650 skeletal muscles surround the skeleton. These muscles receive motor signals telling them to contract. The better these signals are passed between the brain and the muscle, the stronger you get.

In order to build up muscle tissue, you have to apply a greater stress to the muscle that it had previously received. The easiest way to do this is to progress to heavier weights. The process of muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth) does not occur while lifting weights, rather when you rest. Your body uses satellite cells that act like stem cells which repair or replace the muscle fibres that have been damaged during weight training to form new strands, coming back stronger in numbers. This is why there is some soreness felt after a workout.

What factors may affect muscle growth?

Obviously no one is made the same, and there are many factors that affect muscle growth and ones ability to add muscle tissue. These may include gender, age and genetics, which is why some people find it harder than others to put on muscle mass.

Am I doing the right weight?

Too often people are lifting incorrect weights. To progress, you need to be constantly keeping your muscles under tension, which is why adding weights is essential. On the other scale, people tend to over do them selves lifting weights beyond their capability. This leads to poor form, half repetitions and strain on your joints, which will eventually end in an injury. Ensure you are practicing correct technique within your own range of motion.


Always be pushing yourself to new limits, constantly putting your muscles under stress. While weight training is very important, it is also essential to add proper eating as well as good sleeping patterns to ensure you perform at your best!

Further to this, ensure when adding weight to your exercises that you do not compromise form!

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