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Training as a Mum

Can I tell you what the hardest thing is that I have ever done? A half marathon? A 200kg leg press? Giving birth? Jo’s ‘Pump it up class’? Nope. None of these things even come close.

It was becoming a mum.

I read every baby book from cover to cover while pregnant with my first, 8 years ago. But none of them even came close to preparing me for what I was about to go through. Baby books are all about, yep, you guessed it, the baby- how to settle and feed your bub and how to deal with potential problems or issues they may have. There is hardly any information for mum on how to cope and what you will go through emotionally- the exhaustion that feels like it is never going to end, the loneliness you feel when you are at home all day with a screaming baby, and the frustration you feel because everyone seems to make it look easy – Facebook and Instagram are full of pics of happy smiling mums and bubs, but you can hardly manage to brush your hair, let alone put make up on and take a photo!

For me, I felt like I lost myself. I was no longer me. I was a mum and I was doing everything for this little devil, oops I mean baby, who needed me 24/7! Don’t get me wrong, I Ioved being a mum but I just felt a bit lost, and like my whole life had suddenly changed.

After about a year I decided – ok….actually my husband encouraged me- to start looking after ME. (I think he realized that if I started doing some things for me, I would be much easier to live with!)

Did you know that you can be an awesome mum and at the same time, still have a life of your own? I know- shock, horror!!!! It’s actually true! And I would even go so far as to say that you can become an even BETTER mum because you get to focus on YOU so when you are with the kids, you are 100% there and much more patient and ready to tackle any issues!

It is ok to look after yourself, treat yourself and put yourself first sometimes as a mum. For me, that started with getting fit and feeling GOOD about myself again.

At The Gym Factory, you can put your kids in the crèche for 90 mins- that is a FULL ONE AND A HALF HOURS JUST FOR YOU!!! Why not train for an hour and then have a shower UNINTERRUPTED?!!!!? Even (dare I say it because I know a lot of mum’s don’t have time to do this often) dry your hair!! If mum is happy, then this is sure to flow on to the rest of the family.

As mums, we tend to put all our energy into making sure our kids are doing well- that they are eating their veggies, that their homework is done and that they are happy. But we can have other focusses too. Why not set some goals for yourself? This will make you feel like YOU again and not ‘just a mum’ (I hate this phrase but it’s how I felt at the time) and will also give you motivation to keep going.

I hear so many mums say they are exhausted. Believe it or not, working out actually gives you energy! This then means that you can keep up with the kids more as well, win/win!

I know being a mum can be lonely at times, but by committing to working out and focusing on YOU, you will meet some awesome people too. Whether you do classes, PT sessions or your own thing in the weights area, you will be surrounded by lovely people. I have made some of my closest and best friends through the gym.

The main reason I love working out, is because IT MAKES ME FEEL AWESOME!!! I love walking out after a session feeling like I could lift a truck! It makes me feel like I can handle anything life throws at me.

You will also learn to love and appreciate your body. You are way stronger than you think, I promise, and you will be in awe of what you can actually achieve. It is all in your mind. Your body can do a lot more than you think. Training makes you stronger in BODY and MIND! Your body is amazing and working out helps you to realise this.

Lastly, how awesome is it to know that you are being a good role model for your kids? They look up to you and copy what you do, so you are showing them first hand how to live a healthy lifestyle. My boys will often “train” with me outdoors and we talk about the importance of exercise and how it keeps our bodies healthy and strong. I love that they want to be fit too and my 4 yr old always tells me that he wants to work in a gym when he grows up so he can help people be fit too!

I know it is hard, especially as a mum, you probably feel self-conscious? You are nervous about leaving the kids in the crèche? And maybe you are worried you won’t be able to keep up? I PROMISE you that is all completely normal. Everyone has felt this way at some point.

The girls in the crèche are incredible and they will come and get you if there is a problem. You just need to say YES to focussing on yourself. You so deserve it! Walk into the gym with your head held high knowing that you are improving your health and fitness.

Who knows- you might find that your life changes in more ways than you expect- just like mine did….


P.s- if you have recently had a baby, please make sure you get checked for abdominal separation before you start exercising. I am fully trained in pre and post-natal training so I can do this check for you.

Eve Blackburn
Feel Great Fitness and Health
Ph: 0410 552 178

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