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What is my motivation?

Now as everyone knows; I’m a massive motivator, either in classes, on the gym floor, or during my one on one sessions.

And yes I know what you are all thinking – “oh but that’s your job! You have to be the motivator”… yes that is correct, but, I love being that person who everyone looks at and thinks “omg he’s yelling at me, so I need to work harder” or “I love that he’s pushing past my limits, it’s what I really need!!” That’s what makes my day complete!

I get asked a lot “what motivates you Wazza??” And I think to myself…well. There’s a lot!

But the 3 main things that motivate me are;

1: Number one is my wife! She’s the best. She puts me in my place and gets me going. Not only with my workouts, but with my business and my everyday life. She always pushes me to push myself (if that makes sense), always positive – and she knows when I’m feeling like sht so can give me that extra nudge. She always get me up and going…. sometimes I think to myself that the only reason she pushes me to go to the gym and do a workout is so she can have some peace and quiet hmmmmm (hahaha). But she is my number 1 motivator, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be in the health and fitness industry!

2: Number two are the members of the gym. Every single one of you are an inspiration not only to me, but to all staff and trainers at the gym… I mean come on – If I did my own classes I’d die! The punishment you all go through when you do my classes is so motivating, it makes me want to step up my game in the gym! It makes me want to punish myself in my own workouts. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being my motivator.
Also seeing all the other members doing their own workouts privately or with a trainer…that makes me so happy and makes me WANT to work out right there and then, you guys are the best!

3: Third and final motivator are the haters! People who have in the past told me I’m too skinny, told me I need more muscle. People who have told me that I’m too big I need to be leaner. People who have talked about me behind my back saying that I won’t make it. All that negativity drives me, and motivates me to become what they don’t want me to become!
And I love it ☺

It is SO important to find your own motivation in regards to fitness. Whether you are just beginning your journey, whether you just do it to keep active or even if you’re a competitor or athlete…everyone has their own individual motivation. This is what keeps them going when things get hard, when they want to give in, when they have 3 more reps! Health. Family. General Wellbeing. How about just because it makes you feel good?

What works for me, may not work for you, and that is completely ok. Who cares how you get there….as long as it get done right? That’s what really matters…

So there you are guys, an insight into what motivates me – and I hope it helps motivate you as well.


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