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What supplements should I be taking for training?

So you’ve been training routinely now for the last few months, you’ve sorted out your diet and now you’ve decided you’d like to add some supplements into your training…
You head into your local health store and before you know it you’re completely bombarded with every kind of nutrition supplement known to man! You know that protein is pretty important – so you head to that section.  Whey Concentrate? Isolate? Hydrolized?Egg White?Pea? I thought this was going to be easy! And then there’s a weird one call BCAA’s!

Where do you start?

If you have been training regularly it is a good idea to look into getting some basic supplementation as they can help with achieving great results!! When first getting started the two most important supplements in my opinion will be protein and a good multi-vitamin. If you would like more information about the importance of protein – there is an article written about it earlier in our blogs. Proteins can make-up to 70% of the body’s dry weight and are the building blocks for a healthy body. Although protein is mostly thought of as just ‘’stuff to make our muscles strong”, it is so much more! Your hair, nails and skin are also made of protein and when you are not getting enough, your hair and skin becomes dry and your nails become brittle! When it comes to choosing a protein there are basically 2 categories ‘’animal protein’’ and ‘’vegetable protein”.I’ll cover the benefits of each in a later article. Animal protein is protein that comes from an animal source like eggs, meat and milk. Vegetable protein is protein that comes from plant sources.
The most common protein source you will hear most about is ‘’whey protein” this is a derivative of milk. Whey has been shown to augment protein synthesis, assist with fat burning, boost the immune system and help decrease appetite. There are 3 main categories of whey. Whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolyte.

So which one is for me?

When choosing a protein powder it is important to consider your goals, your budget and any allergies you might have. Whey concentrate goes through less processing than an isolate or hydrolyte so concentrates tend to have more calories per serving and are slower digesting.
Concentrates are also generally less expensive than their isolate counterpart’s.On the over hand if you have an allergy to lactose it may be better for you to go for an isolate as they will have less lactose.
Another thing to consider is absorption time,an isolate can be absorbed into the body in a faster time frame than a concentrate so if you are really serious about getting your meal timing right, an isolate would be the way to go.


This might seem like a very basic recommendation, but the thing is if you are lacking in certain vitamins or nutrients – it can really affect your progress in the gym.For example, vitamin B6 plays a role in protein synthesis, and vitamin c plays an indirect role with metabolism and recovery.

Having a good quality multi-vitamin in the cabinet will insure that you are not deficient in any vital nutrients making your progress much faster.
When choosing a multi-vitamin, choose one that covers all the essential vitamins that the body needs. For example, although we can get vitamin D from the sun, most of us are still deficient in vitamin D – especially  if you follow a strict vegan diet or have a job working indoors for a large part of the day. Choosing a multi that includes these things will benefit you greatly over time.

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