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Click here to view timetable for The Spike Zone


Weekly Classes at the Gym Factory

Please Note: Classes will now be booked through our new Clubware system. Click here to book.

Our style of classes are all HATHA YOGA

Hatha Yoga is any form of Yoga using postures and breath. Experience a balanced set of yoga postures in every class to free the joints, take the spine through the full range of movement, strengthen bones and also tone muscles. However, there's more to you than just arms and legs; so all of our classes combine physical postures with breathing, relaxation and mindfulness practices. This complete system improves your physical wellbeing and balances your mind and emotions. All of our classes emphasise the importance of the breath, with relaxation time at the end leaving you revived, calm and happy. All classes are beginner friendly!

Studio One

8:00 AMModerate Yoga
8:30 AMPilates
9:30 AMModerate Yoga
Moderate Yoga
10:30 AMModerate Yoga

Evening Classes

5:00 PM Fit 2 Dance
5:30 PM Pilates
6:30 PM Gentle Yoga

Our classes are a Hatha form of Yoga, designed to stretch your body, open your mind and raise your spirits. Combining postures and the breath, you will tone, strengthen and loosen your body and, quieten your mind. You will leave relaxed, calm and content.


Fundamental mat Pilates will gently help build core strength and stability, improve posture and give you better joint mobility. This mind and body class will leave you feeling centred, strong and mobilized.


A gentle introduction to various simple practices to quieten your mind, improve your focus and soothe your nervous system. Each class will start with some gentle stretches, a guided meditation, and end with yoga nidra (a nurturing lying down guided relaxation which is as good as several hours deep sleep). This gentle class is suitable for everyone including beginners, and is particularly effective for coping with stress, anxiety and those with restricted mobility or pre and post natal.

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