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May 24, 2018

Hello my strong friends and family!

Without sounding like a complete sap…I wanted to share a little bit of an inner monologue, and a reminder for some of us in the gym. As I approach my competition, I tend to find myself feeling quite wise and philosophical, which is a huge shift from my usual simple, to the point persona. So let’s run with it and see what comes to fruition. Please bear in mind…this is not directly aimed at only those who powerlift or are gym goers in general. I feel the following topic can apply to all facets of life. I have simply chosen to apply it to my current situation. Feel free to substitute the word “powerlifting” with any activity that applies most to yourself…

Before I continue and get all D&M…please ask yourself a simple question. Why did you start lifting?

As Athletes, and by nature, people who continue to seek progression and results on a regular basis, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and expectations. Initially, they may come easy, thick and fast. This is amazing, and something to be thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, for most of us…this period is short lived…and when the PB’s/results begin to slow down, or come to a grinding halt…things get hella tough…mentally even more so than physically. Some of us may be blessed with a little more mental fortitude than others…and to you guys…kudos! But for the rest of us that really struggle with the mental demons that come with being a competitive mofo…this can be a really testing time.

This is when I want you to answer our initial question. Why did you start?

My bet…is that you started lifting because you enjoyed the challenge of getting stronger. You enjoyed the gym, the sense of family, the culture, the comradery, and true support of likeminded individuals. And put as simply as I can possibly think…you enjoyed lifting.

Key word. ENJOY

One of the penny drop moments I’ve experienced in this preparation phase for my competition…is that it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that we continue to enjoy what we do. After all…what’s the point in doing it if we can’t enjoy it? We don’t get paid for it. It’s not our “job”. We are not obligated in any way to do it. We do it…because it is a hobby and it makes us feel good.

At the moment…my current train of thought is to simply enjoy it. Yes I want results. I want PB’s. I want ALL ZE GAINZZZ. And with the coaching that I have, and the hard work I’m putting in…I can guarantee I will obtain them. But for now…when I’m stepping up to that bar…I’m attempting to do so with a smile on my face.

I am my own harshest critic, and I will continue to be throughout my days of living. I’m ok with that. It helps me to be a better person, a better husband (holy sh!t…I’m a husband now!) and a better person in general. But I’m hell bent on not letting a passion become a chore. I’ve done so in the past and lost my love for something I was not only good at, but truly enjoyed. I’m not prepared to do that again. So please….take a simple man’s, simple advice.

Slow down.
Take a step back.
And just enjoy what you are doing!

Not all gains are physical…

Regards, a smiling Steven Hanson

February 9, 2018

pursue your evolution

I stumbled across an innocuous piece of labelling today….which resonated with me greatly. As pictured above, the words read…

“pursue your evolution”

An inspired piece of insignia, probably not…but my god it struck a cord with me! Let me tell you why….

Very rarely in our lives, do we continually follow a single path. In any aspect of your life, be it fitness related or not, I very much doubt you have managed to maintain one singular focus/goal. Growing up….I wanted to play for the Brisbane Broncos, (if you need me Wayneo, I’m ready!) I ended up getting into a trade, and at one stage had ambitions to be a mechanical technician. I fell in love, moved to Sydney, and decided to be a personal trainer. Now, I’m trying my hand at Powerlifting, and I’m absolutely loving it!

My long winded point is…throughout this time, my goals have been altered. My career path has changed. My mindset and focus has shifted. THIS IS EVOLUTION!

Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Don’t feel like you’ve failed if you don’t stay with something forever. Just make sure that whatever you do, you do it wholeheartedly. There will be days where things are harder than others, but stick with it. Through persistence and perseverance, you will progress. In any, and every form of the word. You will improve. Be it in a physical sense, career wise, or emotionally. You will transform.

Stay true to your ever changing beliefs. Push yourself, in any direction you choose to take. And pursue you evolution. 🙏🏼


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Yours in wisdom,


January 5, 2018

2018 – New Year New Me

So, 2018 is upon us (happy new year by the way!) For most of us fitness people’s, that mean’s setting some long term goals for the year ahead and, in particular, some short term goals for the first month.

Whilst I’m not a subscriber to the whole “new year, new me” crap (I’ll explain) that seems to be filling our social media feeds this year, I do think it’s important to re-evaluate and set yourself realistic, obtainable and ultimately progressive goals.

Why do I disagree with the term “new year, new me”?

The ever increasingly popular mantra at the turn of a new year “new year, new me”, for me, implies that you need total re-invention. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all too aware that there are indeed some of us out there who could do with a complete personality and lifestyle overhaul, but for the majority of us, this simply isn’t true; we just need some simple refining and direction, and maybe a healthy dose of persistence. Goals will do that, provided they’re the right goals!

Here’s 5 things I like to keep in mind when setting myself goals and targets, and a few things that help me stick to them…

  1. Keep your goals SMART!

Most of you reading this will have heard me talk about the SMART principles of goal setting whilst waffling on about something fitness related, well this firmly applies here. Where possible make sure your goals are as many of these as possible:

Specific – Make sure you know exactly what it is you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it.

Measurable – Make sure you can keep track of how you are progressing towards these goals, this way you’ll be able to see if progress has halted and do something about it before the train derails!

Achievable – Don’t go too big, or for that matter, too small. Nothing will throw you back into your old ways like setting yourself a goal that you were never going to be able to reach. i.e…Don’t tell yourself you are going to swim once a week, when you live 100k’s from the nearest swimming pool, that’s just dumb. Likewise, don’t make your goal to go to the gym once in January, because, well, you’ll have to wait until December to set yourself a new goal, right?!

Relevant – keep your goals relevant to what you want to achieve in the long term. Are you looking to be able to run a marathon by the end of the year? Then don’t tell your best bro’s that you’ll be able to bench press 150kg by mid april.

Time-bound – Give yourself a timeframe to stick to…and bloody well stick to it!

  1. Make yourself accountable

The more people that know about what you are planning to achieve, the better. It’s a ballsy move to publicly announce that you are striving for something you may fail at, but what the people around you know about, the people around you can help with, and this will be crucial to your success in the long run.

  1. Patience is a virtue

Making changes that will last, takes time and effort. This is the exact reason that your fad diets and your quick fixes DO NOT WORK. Yes, you might shed a few unwanted pounds very quickly with little effort required on your part, but these changes are not sustainable. If your goal is to drop your body fat by 7% this year, invest in a gym membership and invest your time into learning how to build muscle mass. This way, when you eventually start to drop your body fat, and you will, it will stay lower because your body will be able to use the calories from your “normal” diet. Meaning you won’t have to spend 8 weeks consuming 100 calories per day! Take your time and trust in the process. You will benefit in the long run!

  1. Stop saying “Ah F#*k it!”

As the old saying goes, “It’s not how many times you get knocked down that count; it’s how many times you get back up.”

Let’s be honest…it’s pretty likely that, at some point, you will miss a session at the gym. The intention was there but something “just came up”. We’ve all been guilty of it and sometimes there are undoubtedly circumstances stopping you from making this intended appointment that genuinely couldn’t be avoided.

However, I hear all too often “well that’s it isn’t it…I was meant to go to the gym every day this month and now I’ve gone missed one…so that’s that resolution out the window!”. Ok…yes…the literal part of your goal has gone, you’re right. But now take a deep breath, stop being a lazy, excuse ridden turd, and get your ass to the gym because that was yesterday, today you have no excuses! It’s far better to complete 99% of what you set out to achieve than to stop at the 10% you have already done!

Creating habit is all done through consistency so if you stop doing something every time you get knocked slightly off track, you’ll never see anything through!

  1. Add to your current schedule

We all have habits already, your typical daily schedule is one of them. Use this to your advantage when trying to stick to your new year resolutions.

Instead of trying to completely change your daily routine, just add to it! Tell yourself that your day is now incomplete until you have hit the gym on your way home from work.

9 times out of 10 the reason you didn’t stick to your new goal is because you failed to add it to your schedule. Yes we’re all busy and yes it’s hard to find time, but you always manage to find time to watch “Home & Away”, don’t you?!

As you can see, none of these tips are exactly mind blowing…but they’re proven. They’re successful. They work! But they only work if you do!

I want to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a healthy, happy and rewarding 2018. Let’s kick some ass!


December 5, 2017

What Ive Learned

I wanted to take this opportunity to use a recent experience of my own to write about a topic I believe everyone could benefit from. How to deal with failure.

For those unaware, I recently competed in a powerlifting competition. Powerlifting is a sport that requires you to lift as heavy as possible in 3 exercise categories; The Squat, The Bench Press, and The Deadlift. Pretty simple really, (probably why I do it). On the day, I was lucky enough to get the win…taking out my weight division, best overall benchpress and best overall lifter. I know what
you’re thinking, “cool story bro, but where’s the whole failure part?”…so to tell that…I’ll take things back a bit.

My whole powerlifting training, I had excelled. Even though it was something completely new to me…I continually exceeded expectations set by myself, and my coach. Everything came quite
naturally to me. Weights increased. Technique improved. Confidence grew. There were a few minor injuries along the way, but essentially, it all went on without a hitch. So we decided to take part in a competition. Push the envelope a little. Have some “fun” with it.

Now, I will admit, and those who know me are probably well aware, I am quite a competitive person. I don’t participate in things simply for fun. If I do something…I do it to excel. No half measures. No “close enough, good enough”. And most certainly no “yeah but you tried”. So when it came to this competition…I wasn’t going to simply take part. I was going there to take it out. Admittedly, this was all internal pressure. My coach, my friends and family, no one was telling me I had to win it. It was all coming from myself. But it made me so driven and focussed on getting the result that it didn’t matter. I thrived on that pressure…and my training benefitted because of it.

Come game day…I was killing it. My first lifts, my squats, PB city. Nerves were expectedly high, but I managed to nail 217.5kg on my final lift, a 7.5kg best. From here, we progressed onto benchpress, and admittedly my least favourite category. Throughout the latter stages of my preparation, I had been affected by a pinched nerve in my neck and shoulder region as a result of a popped rib. It had caused some issues with my bench press in particular, so it was a little bit of an unknown how it would cope on the day. We weren’t expecting or chasing big numbers, just enough to be competitive and get me through to deadlifts without too much pain. Surprisingly, my shoulder decided to play game. We pushed out a pain-free 142.5kg, and whilst not a PB, it was most certainly a win in my eyes.

We are now onto deadlifts….my personal favourite and by far, my strongest lift. Deadlifts had been my real go to throughout prep. We had had no interruptions and as a result, the weights just kept getting heavier. I walked into competition day with a PB of 240kg, and both myself and my coach had set 250kg as the goal for the day. First lift of 3 down, and I easily pulled 222.5kg. I walked off the platform and backstage absolutely in my element. We had smashed it all day, I hadn’t missed a lift, and now it was time to clean things up. Lift 2, 240kg on the bar and confident. Too confident. Cocky.

This is where my story FINALLY becomes about dealing with failure.

Through a minor technical fault that I have overanalysed probably a thousand times since the day, I missed my lift. I got it….but I also didn’t (for a long….long winded explanation about it, ask me on the gym floor). I was devastated. My confidence took a HUGE hit, and I dropped my head massively. People around me out back should have probably been warned to watch where they stepped, so much was my bottom lip on the floor it became a trip hazard. It was the first real miss…my first major fail of my powerlifting experiment, and I was not dealing well. Rather than looking at things through a positive light, in that I actually pulled the weight quite easily, I dwelled on the obvious negative, that it was a “no lift”.

Come time to step up for my third and final deadlift, and final lift of the day…I was done. Defeated. I barely moved the bar.

We had made it all the way through…got to the final hurdle…and botched it. Blew it. Choked.

Come awards ceremony….head still down, I was surprised to learn that I managed to take out the top prize. Unfortunately, there was still a distinct taste of disappointment…which is equally disappointing as the missed lift itself. We should ALWAYS celebrate our successes, no matter the circumstance.

Whilst not happy with how I dealt with things on game day…In the days following…I learnt a lot about myself. And only THEN did I become proud of my achievements. This is where I began the
process of dealing with failure.

You see, the thing is, you learn a hell of a lot more about yourself in the bad times than the good. More from failure than success. Heard the saying, “learn from your mistakes?”. Case in point. Any
truly successful person, sports, business, whatever walk of life, has probably had their fair share of failure. What makes them a success is how they responded to that failure, learn from it, and the next time, overcome it. By missing that lift. By experiencing that failure, I am now better prepared for my next competition…and inevitably, my next failure. I will know that regardless of how good I have lifted previously, I still need to make sure I am respecting each lift. Going through my checks and ensuring when I get to the bar…I am not only confident…but prepared to execute 100%. I will know to look for the positives. Rather than focus on what went wrong, what went right! I encourage everyone to heed this advice. Time spent punishing yourself, or dwelling on what might have been, is time wasted. Simply LEARN from your experience.

–  Maybe you missed a lift.
– Maybe you didn’t lose weight.
– Maybe something that was easy last week…was a helluva challenge this week…Why?

What did you eat on the weekend? What was your activity level like in the lead-up? How is your body feeling? What did you do differently this time to last?

Treat every opportunity, and every experience, as one to learn from. Ask questions. Find answers. LEARN! And then, do better!


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November 6, 2017

Readers Digest….ion!

Hey guys!

For those of you who I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting I would like to briefly introduce myself! My name is Chanelle, I am the newest staff member here at TGF. I recently moved here from Canada where I had the pleasure of working in a few gyms as both a trainer/nutritionist, and receptionist. I was also a varsity athlete (Water Polo) at Carleton University where I studied Child Studies. However, my passion is for the health and fitness industry, I am a strong believer in living a healthy yet balanced lifestyle. Health is my priority, and I like to keep things simple and stress free! With that being said, I will share some easy steps to improve your digestion and overall well-being.

Whilst working as a nutritionist in a gym back home I noticed that many of  my clients suffered from poor digestion. Inability to properly digest and absorb food is one of the leading reasons for nutrient deficiencies.  At the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where I studied for 2 years and attained my title as Holistic Nutritionist. There is a heavy emphasis on the importance of developing good habits to assist your body in its digestive processes; the body’s ability to utilize nutrients as fuel, allowing for restoration, as well as for energy to be created (and to fuel those huge gains you’re making in the gym). I’m going to share some guidelines with you guys and gals so that you can increase the amount of readily available nutrients to help you reach your fitness goals!

1- Alkalize & Energize– Try starting your day with a glass of water with the juice of ½ a lemon squeezed into it. This will awaken the digestive system, and alkalize your body- boosting the immune system!

2- Avoid Fermentation & Slow Digestion– Not only do we want to be drinking a minimum of 8 cups of water per day; we want the water to be at room temperature. For the digestive process to move from the stomach to the intestines, it must be at body temperature. If we regularly consume cold water it will take longer for the body to warm it up; therefore, slowing the digestive process.

3- Understand All Nutrients Are Important– Lately there has been a lot of attention drawn to macronutrients. A big shift has been made from counting calories to counting macronutrients (grams of protein, carbs, and fats consumed per day), which often results in certain nutrients (typically carbs and fat) being under consumed. It is important to understand that each nutrient has its own unique role in the human body, one that the other cannot substitute for. To achieve healthy digestion, you must ensure your body is fuelled and ready to work, meaning all macronutrients should be consumed. Low carb and/or low fat diets are not only impractical, but will leave you feeling miserable, because your body is not receiving its necessary combination of nutrients. If you think of macronutrients and micronutrients as being very similar this will make more sense… You wouldn’t limit your vitamin B intake, or decide to eliminate potassium and only have magnesium, so why would you attempt this with macronutrients?

4- Become aware that food is more complex than numbers– We often over obsess hitting a caloric goal or macronutrient goal, forgetting that food is a lot more complex. For instance, lollies and fruit often have similar calories; however, fruit has vitamins, live enzymes, and fiber, making it beneficial to the human body. If counting calories and/or macros is your thing and it works for you, that’s great! Just think a little deeper when making food choices — consciously choose the option that’ll be easier on the body and serve as a long-term benefit!

5- Hydrate, hydrate, & hydrate some more– There is often a strong emphasis on consuming 8 cups of water per day yet no one factors individuality into the equation. Although it is difficult to calculate the exact amount of water one body needs it is easy to follow a few of these simple guidelines to ensure more adequate consumption; for each cup of coffee and/or alcohol consumed throughout the day have 2 cups of water (on top of the 8), and for every hour of excess sweating, add an extra cup of water! This will allow us to not only support the bodies hydration needs but also make up for lost fluid.

6- Eliminate the middle man– eat the most whole source of all foods, the less processing the better. For example, a small handful of almonds is a lot less processed than an almond granola bar. Additionally, there are less preservatives, sweeteners, and even packaging (may as well help out the environment where we can). Whole foods are easier to digest as our bodies are made to breakdown food from the environment.

7- Rest Day– like our muscles, our digestive system needs rest. That being said, an entire day of fasting is a little much for a first timer! I suggest trying to avoid food until noon one day a week. This will allow your digestive system to finish all the hard work it has been working overtime for, and have a quick break!

It is difficult to make all these adjustments overnight, so give it time, be easy on yourself, become aware, and enjoy the process!

If you have any questions, or would like to talk, feel free to come have a chat with me at TGF J

Chanelle xoxo

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October 24, 2017

MY Fitness

MY Fitness!

I was asked recently exactly what fitness meant to me, and initially I struggled to put my finger on it. It’s such a large topic, and such a HUGE part of my life, to the point where fitness is not any ONE thing to me. I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to a certain aspect, or feeling, even if I tried, so I decided to do what any university student would do….and I made some dot points! Dot points looked messy, so I took it to the next level, and now, as you see below, we have numerous aspects of fitness, broken down into individual letters.

F: Force
I: Individual
T: Targets
N: Nutrition
E: Emotional
S: Support

Force: There are a couple of versions of force that apply to fitness, both of equal importance! It could be the force you exert to an exercise or movement….or forcing yourself to get something done. Either way, there is a force required to get ourselves out of that comfort zone and into the Arnold Schwarzenegger mode of “YOU CAN DO IT!”

Individual: This is SO, so important. We are all different. We all have our own needs, wants, can and can’t dos when it comes to health and fitness. What works for one person, may not work for us, and that’s ok!

Targets: I personally struggle with motivation from time to time and I’ve always found setting targets and goals really helps. Whether it is a new PB, getting a little bit of muscle gain or a little change in my program or diet to get a little summer shred on, the best way for me to keep track is to write it all down! Keep track of your goals, PB’s and most of all the positive reinforcements that you hear, see and think, to keep you on track and pushing on!

Nutrition: Well…not going to lie, I am a sucker for sugary food. I always have been. My mum would literally catch me with a jar of Nutella going at it with a spoon, pretty much every day as a kid. I’m not saying that I’m still that bad, but I do like to treat myself to a cheeky treat here or there! Unfortunately, it can’t always be like this, so to try and avoid cravings, preparation is key! Meal prepping the good old meat, vegetables and rice helps me with maintaining energy levels, gaining a bit of muscle, feeling satiated, and knowing that I’m giving my body the essential nutrients that it needs. Your body is a temple, you’ve only got the one and you can’t swap it! The saying “you are what you eat” is so very true!

Emotional: Classic female talking about emotions is what you’re thinking hey? Well yes. But it’s good both mentally and physically to talk about your emotions, especially in the HEALTH and fitness sense. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Television. Everywhere you look, there is a huge pressure to look a certain way, and to have the “perfect” body. Do I have this body? No…But who does? There are actually very few of us that do…and this is 100% okay! We’ve all got different body shapes, and are all different in our own unique way. That is pretty darn awesome! What isn’t darn awesome though, is our own insecurities. They can ruin our entire perspective on fitness! It comes down to our ability to push aside these insecurities, and find those things that can help to get you back into a solid and positive mindset and to remember you are beautiful in your own special and unique way! Personally, the way I attempt to deal with and overcome any insecure or downward moment in my life, is to read articles or books that have a positive outlook on life and different situations. I also write positive notes or affirmations in a journal to read back on when I’m struggling! I meditate, i talk to those who I confide in and i even listen to some up-beat music! There’s always a little way to make your heart smile again, so I suggest spending some time to find that one thing that will make you feel even that little bit better, and reminding yourself how amazing you are!

Squats: Simple. When in doubt, squat it out!

Support: The Gym Factory (not being bias) is an awesome support network and gym! I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without the people I work and train with. I’ve made lifelong friends and everyone cares about everyone. No matter what time you train, motivation to get in can be difficult! But it is made easier by having people that push you and make sure you’re getting to the gym. Whether that be your family, the PT’s or your friends in or outside of the gym! Support ties in very well with the E in FITNESS. Often you’ll find a lot of other people in the gym that have had or are going through the same emotional struggles and battles as you and that’s great because it’s a way to de-stress, express and re-build your mindset in a positive, supported and healthy setting.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed my little insight into what fitness means to me! If anyone ever needs to talk or needs help with anything – you’ll know where to find me in the gym 🙂

Bree xx

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October 6, 2017

Time to Enjoy Yourselves

Time to enjoy yourselves!

I want to talk about something that often gets ignored in the fitness industry. HAPPINESS.

“Health” and fitness is predominantly a results driven business. I invert commas health, because unfortunately, there is HUGE discrepancy in what some people deem to be healthy.

Open up Instagram, snapchat, YouTube, or any social media channel in general. Everywhere we look, we are lead to believe that these sculpted, lean, shredded, muscle bound physiques are the prime examples of health. But I challenge that theory.

I STRONGLY believe that to be truly healthy, being healthy in the mind is equally as important our body.

Take for example your bodybuilders. They are often portrayed as a perfect example of health and fitness. In magazines. On Instagram. On our tv’s. But have you seen a bodybuilder in their offseason? Do they actually maintain these “ideals” all year round? Chances are they are a fair way off of the original ideal physique, and probably not too happy with their own body anymore. Have you spoken to one as they approach the final days of their competition prep? My guess is they are probably hating on life a little, and particularly hating on those people that are going out to dinner with their friends, eating and drinking what they want, and generally having a great time. This is because they have sacrificed so much, indulged themselves so little, and driven themselves so hard into the ground, striving for every possible ounce of physical improvement, that they have forgotten what it is like to enjoy it all. They are so fixated on the end result, that they may not even enjoy the process of getting there. Workouts are no longer fun, but a necessity. Eating food is no more than a calculated intake of fuel for the body. Social gatherings, well a lot of the time they are an unnecessary inconvenience that gets in the way of the previous two!

Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means having a dig at bodybuilders at all. They are incredible athletes, and the dedication to their sport in something I truly admire. The same goes for any professional athlete. They are obviously amazing at what they do, and inspire us all greatly. But when it’s all said and done. When the competition is over and they’ve hung up the boots, so many fall off the bandwagon, lose their way, and become a shadow of their former “ideal” self. This is where I believe the concept of health and fitness has become blurry…and I intend to clear the water.

As mentioned, fitness is a results driven industry. People determine success by the ability to reach a goal. An end result. The unfortunate by-product of this is that more often than not….people lose sight of the MOST IMPORTANT part to fitness. Enjoying yourself! How….or more importantly, why…would you continually do something you don’t necessarily enjoy? How are you meant to do that long term?

When I speak to people about fitness, as cliché as it may sound, I don’t speak of it as an objective. Fitness is a lifestyle. It isn’t achieved by one particular act or result…it’s achieved by a combination of numerous choices and actions that contribute to an overall change of lifestyle and perspective. Setting goals is an important part of achieving this, don’t get me wrong, it is MASSIVELY important! It keeps us on our toes, keeps us pushing further and harder, and gives us a measure of accountability. Particularly when first beginning your fitness journey and you are trying to get some momentum, goal setting is huge. And the satisfaction of then reaching said goals is amazing…but I encourage you to try and do something in the meantime.

Fall in love with the process!

Set your goals, reach them. Set some more goals. Reach them badboys too! But don’t lose sight of the forest through the tree’s. Enjoy yourself along the way! Mix your workouts up. Have a cheat meal every now and then (within reason!!). Have some fun with it!

I don’t encourage people to train to be the best, or better than anyone else for that matter. Instead. Strive to be better than who you were yesterday. Nutritionally. Physically. Emotionally.Mentally. Embrace the challenge, and fall in love with the process, of simply being a better version of yourself.

The journey is the reward…


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September 27, 2017

7 Tips to Lose Weight for Summer

Summer is just around the corner and if you still haven’t lost the winter bulk that crept on while you were hibernating, now is the perfect time to do something about it.

We all seem to forget, but losing weight and going to the gym don’t have to be the most daunting experiences known to man. Below are 7 EASY things you can do to start slimming down and looking great just in time to get in some bikinis and budgy’s!

1) Drink more water. Eight glasses of water a day hydrates your body and makes everything function better – muscles, organs, and cells. You’ll flush toxins from your body and burn fat much more quickly and easily than if you are dehydrated.

2) Ditch sweetened drinks. Soda, energy drinks, and sweetened coffee and tea add a LOT of calories to your daily intake, and very often just cutting these out of your diet will result in a few pounds weight lost. If you’re drinking 8 glasses of water a day, you certainly won’t feel thirsty so eliminating extra beverages shouldn’t be difficult.

3) Get moving. The more physically active you are, the more calories you burn, and the more fat you will lose. Engage in a few different physical activities each day to burn calories. You can take  walk the dog, play with the kids in the backyard, join a sporting team, or even join a gym (I happen to know of a pretty good one!) . . . any kind of physical movement burns calories. Burning calories burns fat. Presto!

4) Fuel your body. Be sure to start each day with a healthy breakfast, and then eat something every 3-4 hours minimum throughout the day. Eating more frequently keeps your metabolism running strong so you lose weight more easily. When you don’t eat often enough, your body slows everything down so losing weight becomes much slower and much more frustrating.

5) Protein power. Try to include a source of protein in each meal and snack because protein is digested more slowly than carbohydrates, which means you don’t get hungry as quickly. Good sources of protein are lean chicken or turkey breast, fish and seafood, lean cuts of beef and pork, nuts, eggs, and low fat cheese. Good vegetarian sources of protein are beans and tofu.

6) Veggie power. Include plenty of fresh vegetables in your daily diet, especially the ones with a high water and fiber content, like lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. Vegetables are excellent weight loss foods because the high fiber content helps you feel full while adding very few calories to your diet.

7) Natural sugar for sweet cravings. Finally, if you have a persistent sweet tooth, start getting your sugar fix from natural sources of sugar like fresh fruit. You may be surprised just how easily you can quiet a sweet craving with a banana or an apple. If you want to add a little more staying power, add a tablespoon of peanut butter or low fat cream cheese for added protein and fat.

These actions are simple enough that you can easily incorporate them into your daily activities, yet they really work! Throw in some well-structured training to suit, and you’re in the business! Within a few weeks you’ll be able to see the results, both on the scale and in the way your clothing fits. Not to mention your energy levels and concentration will probably improve too, so you’ll not only look great this summer but feel great too!


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August 22, 2017


“Well I have to let you know that Janet was my first …..and she was AMAZING! I was enthusiastic, but as I look back now, I realise that I was pretty un-skilled and just making it up as I went. I really wasn’t very good at it so I wasn’t at all successful!

But my Personal Trainer, Janet, made all that change for me. Her wide range of Personal Training skills that included her caring approach, a deep technical knowledge, great inter-personal skills, a genuine love of training, structured technical programming and an unceasing enthusiasm for setting my next training goals, and her ongoing motivation for me to achieve those goals and to then set the next goals changed everything. I got out of my training ruts, I corrected a lot of technical problems and I realised where I had to focus my training time to train efficiently and to maximise results.

The bottom line is, having a Personal Trainer changed my training world for ever and as a result, I started to enjoy my training more than ever. I have been able to not only use, but keep building on that training knowledge for many years since.

So, being a member of The Gym Factory, at some point you most likely would have considered working with a Personal Trainer…..but did you know enough about what a PT does for clients, and why a PT is actually so important to you achieving your fitness goals?

Ok, let me help you a bit with this by giving you a quick run-through of the main benefits I found from using a Personal Trainer…..benefits that are really worth thinking about when you are making your Personal Trainer decision….

  • Its Educational: Your PT is trained to teach you what exercises to do, how to sequence those exercises and how to do them correctly – they will help you and you will learn along the way how you can hit your fitness goals in an effective and safe way.
  • Using the Right Technique: Your PT will ensure your correct posture and movement patterns so that you perform each exercise correctly which will help you to maximise your training results.
  • Tailored, Specific Training: Everybody’s physical abilities, anatomy, technical skills, fitness goals, training experience and learning preferences are different – your PT will base their fitness programs, their communication style and their teaching methods around YOU.
  • Setting Realistic Goals: Your PT is skilled at knowing what is achievable for you, how to set short, medium and long term goals for you and what is required for you to hit those goals.
  • Keeping You Accountable: Your PT will help you stay on track so that your fitness habits become sustainable as well as helping to quickly get back on track if you do happen to slip.
  • No Wasted Time = Maximum Effort: Your PT will have a specific plan of what you need to do in each session so you always get the best return on your invested training time.
  • General Dietary Advice: Your PT will help you to better understand the nutritional guidelines for a healthy diet and they will even help you monitor your progress with improved eating habits.
  • Your PT will Challenge You: Let’s face it, it is really easy to fall into the same old training routine, you get a bit bored and lose motivation and then you stop regularly exercising. Your PT will challenge you to keep progressing, to try new exercises, to reach new heights, to push yourself and to enjoy your training.
  • FUN!: Training can be a bit isolated at times and working with a PT will add that extra dimension of another person sharing, motivating, striving, guiding and laughing with you during your training and as well as in celebrating your achievements and new PBs!

Your Personal Trainer also has to be fully accredited and insured, they must have current First Aid and CPR certification and they have to meet the ongoing “Continuing Education Credits” requirements to maintain their professional certification. So you can be sure you are being looked after in the most professional of manners.

The bottom line is to think of your Personal Trainer as a passionate, highly motivated , self-starter fitness coach, nutrition guide and 1-1 personal motivator all wrapped up in one fitness professional. For sure, not everyone NEEDS a personal trainer, but without a one, your fitness goals will be much harder to achieve!

So really what are you waiting for? Why not speak to Steve, our PT Manager, about which Personal Trainer might suit you best, or alternatively, grab me or any of the Personal Trainers in the gym and have a chat about how you are going with achieving your fitness goals and what Personal Training options are available to you.

Train hard and smart, have fun and enjoy every minute of your health and fitness.

Cheers, Tony”

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August 10, 2017

What do you look for in a gym?

Let me ask you all a couple of quick questions…

What do you look for in a gym?
And moreso….
What makes a gym…your gym?

– Is it the equipment? Top notch, well maintained and with all the bells and whistles?
– Is it the entertainment? The TV’s you can dial into or the music you can zone out to?
– Is it the staff? Owners, reception, crèche, trainers and everyone in-between?
– Is it the value for money? The classes, the personal training or crèche.
– Is it the facility in general? Clean, tidy and in a great location?

You know what I think? I think it’s all of the above. And more.

For the past ten years I have worked in, advertised for, and been a part of so many of gyms with so much variety, but sadly, they all just have that something that’s missing. Community.

I personally believe it’s the people who are there every day that say hello, the people to encourage you to keep at it and to keep going. It’s the environment that is created by you and your friends and family, the staff and the trainers. It’s fun. It’s an escape. It’s a challenge all wrapped into one. It’s a place you WANT to be. A place you feel WELCOME.

I can’t think of many 24 hour gyms like The Gym Factory where as soon as you enter, you are greeted with a smile, and asked how your day is by someone that is truly interested. When you are on the gym floor, people are smiling and they are all building, creating and producing a positive vibe. The trainers, the members, they’re vibing, they’re helping each other, they’re having fun. They’re all happy to be here!

It is amazing when you can walk into a gym for the first time or for the 100th time and not feel judged or fearful that you are not fit enough. Where you actually feel like you belong.

This is why I’m so happy to now be a part of The Gym Factory family, and proud to work for a true local family run gym where anyone, any age and shape and level of fitness, are welcome!!

This is a community. We are a team. Each and every one of us…are all a piece, a valued piece, of The Gym Factory Family.

So what are you all waiting for?

Come on down and if you are already a member, bring your family and friends in to show them what an amazing, friendly place The Gym Factory is, and how we can help you achieve your goals.


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