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July 20, 2017

Be there for a good time….AND a long time!

Ladies and Gents, I need to tell you something. I don’t want you to take this the wrong way or be offended…but it’s time someone said it.


I have been involved in fitness long enough to know that it takes an extremely naïve person to dismiss someone’s methods. Whether it be in regards to training or dieting…everyone has their own way. But so often in the fitness industry as a whole, I see people looking for the quick fix. Some crash diet that loses you 5 kilos in 2 weeks. This new superfood that targets stubborn fat cells, breaks them down and turns them into energy. A workout routine that gets the abs poppin’ and the booty boppin’ for a summer holiday. But the simple fact is, unless you are able to stick your methods, whatever they may be, for the long haul, and have a long term plan that revolves around consistency and sustainability, I very much doubt you are going to finish with a smile on your face.

Like it or loathe it, fitness, as cliché as this line is…is a lifestyle. It’s not a result. You can improve your fitness as a result of improving your lifestyle, but it’s not really the end goal. I mean. Say you lose a decent amount of weight by massively cutting your calories and making some drastic changes to your diet. WELL DONE! But…my counter is this. Have you actually gotten fitter or healthier? And more in importantly…can you maintain it? My guess is no. You have probably restricted yourself, cut something you love (ice cream/chocolate or alcohol) completely out of your diet, trained a ridiculous amount and run yourself into the ground. You got the numbers and that’s awesome. But along the way, you’ve developed a poor attitude towards fitness as a whole. You’ve taken things to the extreme…allowed yourself no room for error…and if/when you slip up…it’s in a BIG way. This then….unfortunately leads to you feeling bad about yourself and your choices, getting the guilt’s, and setting up a negative mindset in which you will probably punish yourself as a result and “Ban” yourself from doing it again….until the next binge. And so the cycle begins again, until the guilt’s inevitably get so bad…you just give up.

You can train mean and eat clean. You can try your paleo, keto, vegan, gluten free, 5&2, or no carbs after 6pm bro diets. You can do 5 sets of 70, lift heavy, have no rest periods, superset, triset, giant set, do only functional movements, do leg day errrrrrrryday or workout twice a day, 7 days a week…but in the end, Unless it’s something you can do sustainably, is it worth it? If it feels like a “diet”, if you feel restrained or have cravings and possibly start dreaming of UFD’s (Unidentified Flying Doughnuts…obviously) or even wondering to yourself what it would actually be like to eat a horse, are you going to stick to it? If you burn out, suffer constant DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) or get injured… Are you really going to be able to keep it up? Again. My guess. No.

I personally would much prefer to be able to go out to dinner and drinks with my beautiful fiancé and friends and not worry about this not being on my meal plan or having to get on a treadmill tomorrow to burn off all that ice cream, and that makes it enjoyable to me. Training, eating, it should not be a punish. It should be part of your life. An enjoyable part. A SUSTAINABLE part.

The best diet, the best training plan….is the one that works best for YOU. LONG TERM.



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July 14, 2017

Girls in the weights room?

Ladies we need to have a chat.
Recently I’ve been talking a lot in the gym about busting the fear and uncertainty that women feel around the weights area at our gym and I feel strongly that we need to bust down the weights/cardio area gender divide.

When I’ve raised this with some of you I have received the response again and again “Oh, I thought that was only me!” I am here to let you know that you are absolutely 100% definitely not the only women who day after day, week after week, walks past the weights area, up the stairs, to the cardio or group class area to stay there for the rest of your workout because you are not feeling confident enough to rock it in the weights area.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’ve not always been comfortable in the gym either and prior to becoming a PT I spent a long time being too afraid I would do it wrong and get laughed at if I tried to do weights. When I did get my courage up I’m sure my face was bright red with embarrassment as I fumbled my way through trying to figure out how various machines worked, often casting a glance around to make sure no one was watching before I just gave up and walked back to the cardio area. As I slowly worked the weights area out I still didn’t feel at home amongst all the guys, often the only girl in the weights room, and I felt compelled to compete and keep up with their weights to ‘earn my right’ to be in the weights room.

I’m glad I’ve finally found peace in the weights area and I am determined to help other women find that same confidence. Just a few reasons that we, as women ought to be doing more weights, are;

– More muscle mass = higher metabolism
This means you’ll burn more calories just by sleeping and sitting at work!
– Improved bone density
Osteopenia and osteoporosis effect women at a much higher weight than men. Lifting heavy weights (5-8 rep range) is one way to prevent loss of bone density.
– Variety
I don’t know about you, but there is only so long I can spend on a treadmill before I get bored. Using different weight techniques we can get a cardio workout alongside a resistance workout to burn the same, if not more calories, and you can mix it up every time you come into the gym.
– Hitting aesthetic goals
As well as helping with weight loss, weights can help sculpt those ideal glutes, tone the problem spots on the arms and build killer legs.
Technique is important in the weights area and understandably many women I talk to have been too afraid to get it wrong to give it a go so a few of my tips for how to get started in the weights area are;
– Ask for help
If you are really unsure when to start invest in a few personal training sessions to learn some techniques and how to use the equipment or come to the Tuesday 9:30 Women’s weights hour.
– Don’t be afraid to look silly working the machines out.
Even after getting my personal training certificate I had to work out, examine and get it wrong on each machine at the gym factory before I got them worked out. If it took me a bit, don’t be afraid to read the instructions and have a good look before jumping on it. (Handy hint, most of the machines have yellow where they adjust)
– Grab a friend
it’s always less daunting and more fun busting out of your comfort zone with a friend
– Remember everyone started somewhere and was in your shoes at some point
– There is no such thing as too old/fat/weak/unfit to be in the weights area
Don’t fool yourself with this, cut the negative talk and remember we have 1kg weights for a reason, because it’s perfectly acceptable to lift them.
– Have fun with it
Yes, there is often lots of pained faces and grunting in the weights area, but laughter is allowed and encouraged too. Pick a few exercises you know and love, throw a medicine ball at a wall, try to bust out some jump rope moves from back in primary school, give the monkey bars ago. Moving is supposed to be fun and natural, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have an intense serious session every time.
If you are still feeling unsure but want to give the weights a go you can always ask me, or any of the other trainers around the gym.

Looking forward to seeing you lifting some weights!!


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July 5, 2017


When it comes to health and fitness, there are a lot of myths about what actually works and what doesn’t. Your slow progress could be a good indication that maybe what you’ve been told or you have read was not so true after all. So what are some of the myths out there?

1. Doing crunches with give you a six pack
While working abs is a good part of every would out routine, constant abdominal exercises are not going to give visible abs. You’ve probably heard before that’s abs are made in the kitchen, well this is mostly true. You need to lower your body fat percentage for abs to be visible. That’s not to say you should stop working them, Like every muscle, they need to be stimulated in order to grow and strengthen.

2. The more you sweat, the more you burn
This is not the case. Sweating is a biological response that cools your skin and regulates internal body temperature.

3. You can lose weight from one specific area
With weight loss, its common to think you can target one area to lose weight. This is not the case. Your body loses fat percentage as a whole. Generally the last place men lose their highest fat mass is the abdominal region while for women it’s the thigh and glute region.

4. Carbs are bad
Not at all! Carbs are what fuel the body and give you energy for your day. Have you ever been on a low carb diet? Not fun hey.. Though they are essential, not all carbs are the same. There are low GI and high GI carbs. Low GI (glycaemic index) carbs are slow release energy such as things like wholemeal breads, pastas and sweet potato. High GI carbs give you a spike in energy for a short period of time such as white bread or potatoes.

As you can see, health and fitness is not all it makes it out to be sometimes. If you are unsure of something, ask one of our friendly staff or do your research from a reputable source.

June 29, 2017

Are You Getting The Results?

Are you tired of working hard, but not getting the results you want??

Well there could be a few things about your workouts that could be contributing to your results, or lack thereof.

Here are a few pointers that you should consider when working out in order for you to effectively start seeing results.

1. Are you doing the same thing? Pushing the same weight? Running at the same pace? Doing the same workout…week in week out?…..

Now if you’ve answered YES to one or more of these questions, it’s time to make some changes. You’ll need to change up EVERYTHING! Shock your body, and give it something it hasn’t had before. Once your body has gotten use to the same routine/workout, you’ll hit a plateau, which means that your body is so comfortable with what you’re doing, that it’s not going to change. And that in order for you to see more results, you need change up your routine/workouts entirely! DONT STAY IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE!!!

2. Are you eating the correct food, and the correct amount of food to help you reach your goals??

A lot of the time, we tend to think that eating healthy 3 out of 7 days is going to help us get results. The harsh reality is that you need to eat healthy 7 out of 7 days to get results. And I’m not just talking about doing it for just one month, I’m talking about making the sacrifice now and making it a lifestyle! Results don’t come easy.. but they do come if you are consistent and disciplined. So no cheat days at all!

3. If you’ve honestly done all the above, and stuck to it for a minimum of three months without any luck…Have you ever thought about going deeper and getting a dexa scan ?? (which is a full body scan, that shows you in great detail where and how much fluids/fat/lean muscle mass, you have)
This, along with the advice of a dietitian or nutritionist, will help pinpoint your problem areas. Which will then give you a greater understanding of your own body, and then you can attack the areas, and train effectively to get the results you DESERVE!!!

The answers you get from these questions are individual, however the take home points remain the same for us all. There is no single thing we can do to achieve our goals. It’s a collection of things…and then a continual collection of those things. You can’t simply change your workout and expect results. You can’t eat healthy for a week and suddenly have your body change it’s shape. You have to stick at it…and then, and only then well you see the reward for your actions.

So please, don’t get down on yourself if you feel like you’re working your ass off and not getting anywhere. You can do it. You may need to change a few things. But it’ll be worth it.


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June 19, 2017

Find Your Why!

How many times have you started something and never finished it?

Gone into something with good intentions only to let things slip by?

Set goals, only to fall short?

How many times have you quite simply…Given Up!?

It’s pretty common to hear the age old “almost, but not quite stories”. Not only in the gym, but in day to day life, we are surrounded by them.

  • I was going to do that last rep, but I couldn’t be bothered
  • I almost made that team, but just missed out
  • I was going to going to go for a run on the weekend, but didn’t get to it
  • I did quit for a while…but then I kinda just started again
  • I was eating healthy, but then I got bored
  • I had every intention of being good on the weekend…but nah.

If you ask me….our problem is simple. We forgot our why. As in… WHY were we doing it in the first place?

Everything we do…we do for a why. Be it something stupid…like going to the dentist to get your wisdom teeth out. WHY? Because the dentist told you that it needed to be done to avoid further issues in the future. And I think, probably because the dentist wants to inflict pain on you. Or maybe it’s for more heartfelt reasons. Maybe you’re giving up smoking….why? Because it benefits the health of your baby girl who has asthma. But the simple fact remains that everything we do, we do for a reason. The problem lies in that, as soon as we reach our first hurdle, we forget that reason. We forget that you started your fitness journey because you were sick of feeling lazy and sh!t about yourself and knew that by introducing exercise, things would change. You forget that your “bad knee” would in fact be a lot less “bad” if you lost the some weight and took some stress off the joint. You forget that you are your son’s biggest role model, and your poor food choices are being followed to a tee, resulting in his childhood obesity, and that his change comes down to the example you’re setting.

When the going gets tough, we focus on the struggle rather than the reason you started in the first place. Our WHY. And that’s why so many journeys fall short.

So how do you avoid it? That answer varies….depending on you and your why. But generally, the answer is quite simple. Remind yourself…. Whatever way works best for you.

If your goal is to get shredded for your holiday, put a reminder in your phone of how many days left until you leave and have it go off every morning before gym.

If you’re worried that you are missing out on playing with your child because of your poor health….carry a photo of them everywhere you go.

If you want to fit into a certain dress…keep that dress on show. You girls that get married…you are often in the best shape of your lives when that happens….why? Because you are constantly reminding yourself of the big day. You’ve had an image in your head of how that day will go and how amazing you will look since you were a little girl, and you are hell bent on making it happen. It’s your WHY!

As trainers, we will always stress the importance of goal setting, and making sure that they are realistic and attainable, and I will not argue that in the slightest. Without them, we will often lose sight of the forest through the trees. But setting goals is the easy part. I mean….we all know what we want. The hard part is getting there. Pushing through the inevitable struggle required to reach them.

You need to have a reason to keep pushing. You need to know your reward. You need to know that it’s worth it.

You need your WHY…


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June 15, 2017

The importance of gradual progression in training

Just last month I put up a challenge to members and staff;

The challenge was to complete 25 unbroken goblets squats holding 50% of your body weight. There was more to this challenge than simply pounding out 25 reps. It was actually a test of your strength, endurance, and an insight into how you will hold up under the bar of a back squat. There is even merit to say, if you didn’t make it to 25 without breaking…you really shouldn’t have a bar on your back.

This brings in the importance of gradual progression. Too often I see people coming into the gym, starting with exercises that are probably too advanced for them or lifting weight that is too heavy for them, and they perform the exercises with terrible form. There in-lies the importance of gradual progression!

So, what is it, what is gradual progression?

First of all, we need to look at overload.

Most people know that in order to get results you need to put your body under stress (load) that you are not used to, so that your body can change and adapt and become stronger, fitter etc.

Progression is how we go about increasing the load.

When it comes to increasing load, it’s best to increases GRADUALLY…whether that be the amount of weight you move, or the amount of times you do it. Making small, incremental changes here and there, rather than jumping straight in to a big weight or complicated movement. Not only is this the best way to get results, but it’s the best way to avoid an injury.

Here’s something to think about….

What causes the most injuries in recreation gym related activities?

It’s not cross-fit! And it’s not powerlifting either!

It’s actually running! Recreational running actually causes the most injuries out of these activities. Up to 80% percent of runners are in pain and this really comes down to how people are moving.

When it comes to something like going for a run it seems pretty natural, but even with running – the importance of gradual progression is key.

For example, if you have been out of the game for a while and decide to start getting back to some training, the first move will most likely be going on a run.

But in the same way that your body can adapt to training stimulus, if you have been at your desk for 8 hours a day then your body will adapt to that too. So when you go on that run your body will move differently. Going from 0-100 (sitting to running) is quite often going to result in an injury.

So how do you get to the point that you can run or jump or lift weight that you would like too? Through gradually progressing the exercises. Like the old saying goes, sometimes you need to learn to walk before you can run, or was it crawl before you can walk? 😊

All this said, sometimes it gets hard to leave your ego at the door but if you want to live a healthy life and to continue training. Give these things some consideration.

If you are looking for any extra info, just flag me down!


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June 6, 2017

Six Tips to Weight Loss

Weight loss is something I am no stranger to. Been there done that, three times in the past decade!

By three times I mean, there has been three times in the past ten years that I have tried, truly tried to lose weight – And I have been successful.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty more times where I thought I was trying to lose weight. But I wasn’t, not 100%.

The key word here is ‘try’. If you are someone who ‘wants’ to lose weight, have you actually tried? I don’t mean for three days, two weeks, or one month – I mean really tried.
If I asked you five questions in regards to your past or current attempts at weight loss I’m pretty sure we could work out how you score on the try scale.

  1. Have you chosen a method of losing weight that you enjoy?
  2. Have you kept a food diary?
  3. Do you consciously track how much water you are drinking per day?
  4. Have you educated yourself on how food is measured?
  5. Are you being physically active?
  6. And 6…less a question, but more a statement/reminder.

  7. Treat yo self…when you have earnt it!


Have you kept a food diary?

If the answer is no… My response would be – so you haven’t taken this seriously…yet? The secret to weight loss I believe is as simple as keeping a food diary. If you don’t want to write what you are about to eat in a food diary, then do not eat it. It really is that simple. I ask my clients to think about it like this – if the food choice you are about to make going to get you closer or further away from your goal? If it’s the latter, don’t eat it so that you don’t have to write it down. I’d also suggest pre-planning a food diary, seeing in advance what your day will look like. Whether it be calories, or macronutrients (more on that later) it is important to know whether at the end of the day you are eating a grand total that is in fact going to enable you to lose weight. There is no point in guessing, guessing doesn’t get results, planning does.

Have you educated yourself on how food is measured?

Let’s say we have two people standing side by side, both with a goal to lose 5kg. One male, one female, chances are these two people will not weigh the same to start with. With nutrition a major factor in weight-loss, it would be important for both to know that their food consumption targets, in order for them to lose 5kg would be quite different. Two main ways of measuring food are macronutrients and calories. While I think it is important to not over analyse everything you eat, I do think its important to have a basic understanding of what your intake is and where it should be in regards to your goals. For example; if you are considering working with macronutrients you should have an understanding of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats and what foods you enjoy that fall into these categories in order to calculate a daily intake that hits your targets.

Treat yourself…when and only when you have EARNT it.

If you are serious about weight-loss, you will seriously be doing all in your power to eat and exercise right. I love when someone says ‘I had my cheat meal last night’. What?!?! Love it! A cheat meal isn’t a reward at the end of day three of trying to eat healthy, believe it or not a cheat meal is a strategically placed meal that comes sometime after day three.

So…have you tried? I mean really, truly tried? If so, no doubt you have been successful and hopefully have chosen a journey that is a lifestyle change, one that you enjoy and are able to maintain.
I have first-hand experience with choosing a weight loss journey that isn’t so fun, allowing it to take over and quite frankly whilst I lost the weight I didn’t have much fun along the way, much of a social life and was way too scared to cross the lines of what was needed to be done. I like to call this weight-loss tunnel vision and while it is important to be serious, truly try and allow yourself to achieve your goals. I do believe it is so important to choose a journey that enables you to live – be social, happy and motivated all at the same time.
If you are stuck with any of the above, need some direction, accountability, or a little extra knowledge feel free to ask me a question on the floor. And most importantly don’t be upset with your results unless you have truly tried, if you truly try you will achieve what you are after 🙂

Ash Kavanagh

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June 1, 2017

How to get your mojo back after not exercising for a prolonged period. Or maybe you never even started!!

How often do you tell yourself, “I’ll start exercising next week” or “I’m going to get fit and healthy for my 40th birthday?”
Maybe you used to exercise when you were younger, but since having kids, you “can’t find the time” or maybe you’ve never been one to exercise.

There are so many people out there who, I know, would love to be one of “those people who love working out.”
But do you know what?
No one loves working out every time!
I’m a personal trainer and even I have days where I just don’t feel like it! I’m tired or am just not feeling motivated. But 95% of the time, I train anyway.
Because I know I’ll feel better afterwards!

But being able to just tell myself to go and train comes from being consistent with my training. And the knowledge that I will feel amazing and have much more energy afterwards!

How can you “get back into it” if you’re struggling to find the time and/or motivation?
The following tips are what I tell my clients when they have lost their mojo.

1-Diarise when you can train. Treat your session like an appointment and at the beginning of every week, write the times you plan on training in your diary.
Don’t cancel!

2-Ease into it.
Don’t start off with the hardest class at the gym, or try to run 10kms!
You will never go back, if you can’t walk for a week after your first session!
I always tell my clients that it’s more important that they feel comfortable and are enjoying what they are doing FIRST.
Then you can work on smashing some sessions and reaching your goals. But if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, why would you keep doing it long term?

3- Use a PT, otherwise find a reliable friend and organise to exercise together.
A PT will push you harder than you would train on your own and will be able to give you a program to follow, and even help you with nutrition too.
Training with a PT or a friend makes you accountable, and therefore less likely to cancel.

4-Find something fun or different that you will enjoy doing!
Exercise doesn’t have to be boring!
What about trying that new class at the gym that you’ve been too scared to try, or going down to the local pool for a swim? ( Fitness instructors are mostly very approachable- if you talk to them at the beginning of a class and tell them you are new, or just getting back into it, they will support and help you) or how about trying rock climbing? Or a dance class?
Last year I was getting bored with my regime, so I took up pole dancing! It took a lot of courage, and actually turning up at the very first class was hard, but I loved it! And it gave me that boost that I needed at the time!

5-Set some goals.
I find that if I have goals, then I am more likely to stay motivated.
Make sure they are specific, ( eg I want to lose 3 kgs by 15 June), measurable ( so you know when you have reached them) achievable and realistic, and make sure you give yourself a time frame to achieve the goal.

6- Don’t deprive yourself!!
I find a lot of my clients get back into their fitness regime and never allow themselves any treats at all. They think that now they are “back on track” they need to only eat an organic, paleo, no carb diet.
Who wants to live like that?!! Not me!
It is ok to have a treat every now and then! I have a piece of chocolate most nights! I’m not saying it’s ok to eat a family block of Cadbury, but allowing yourself some treats is better than feeling deprived and bingeing down the track.
Think of it as a lifestyle, not a diet or something that is hard to stick to. You are more likely to stick to it, if you are realistic and are not depriving yourself TOO much.

7-Be prepared!
This applies to both your training and your nutrition.
If you are training in the morning, get your workout clothes out the night before. If it’s at night, make sure, if you are going straight from work, that all your stuff is packed so you don’t have to go home first. ( you know there’s no chance you will leave the house again once you’ve walked in the door!)
With your food, pack lunches the night before. Have snacks ready so you don’t buy muffins and chips.
Plan your dinners for the week, so you are not buying take away because you don’t have anything to cook.

And lastly, don’t take it all so seriously!! If you miss a workout, because you were too tired, or even if you just couldn’t be bothered, it’s OK!
It doesn’t mean you should go and eat 2 Big Macs, a large fries and a chocolate sundae, and “start again next week!”
Just put it behind you and try again the next day.

I know what it’s like to lose motivation and I hope some of these tips help you if you are struggling right now.
It’s ok- pick yourself up and try again! You will get there!

Eve xxx

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May 22, 2017

Time to Try Cardio Boxing!

So it seems to me that there are 2 main types of people in the gym world – those who love, love, love cardio boxing and those who are going to love it but don’t yet because they haven’t tried it!

I’m going to help spread the love now as cardio boxing is not only fantastic for fitness but it is also the absolutely best fun so I am pretty sure you will hear more laughter and see more smiles in a cardio boxing class than most other types of classes!

Fantastic for fitness hey .…..well OK here are just some of the seriously good benefits that regular cardio boxing will deliver for you:

  • Improved Cardio Fitness: Boxing requires rapid full body movements that get a huge number of your body’s muscles activated together making your heart and lungs work pretty hard to pump blood containing oxygen to all parts of your body – cardiovascular benefits to the max!.
  • Strengthened Core: Boxing is very challenging for your core as the fast pivoting movements in a standing position dynamically and consistently taxes your main core and stabiliser muscles super hard.
  • Fat Burn: Cardio boxing can burn well over 300 calories per session and as it is high intensity training you will continue to burn heaps more calories well after the session.
  • Toned Muscles: So think about a typical boxer’s physique – lean with a lots of firm well defined (“rippling”) muscles – arms, shoulders, back, chest, abs, butt, hips, thighs and calves. Because cardio boxing is fast and repetitive requiring strength and endurance it helps to produce toned firm muscles all over.
  • Stronger Bones and Ligaments: The pad and glove work during a class provides hundreds of resistance points during a class and as you know resistance training creates stronger bones, joints, tendons and ligaments.
  • Better concentration and mind-body co-ordination: Getting many different parts of your body to move quickly, synchronised and through the right sequence of movements while you are physically fatigued is terrific for improving your mind-body (neuromuscular) connections and mental concentration.

And finally, a word from Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise “A two-for-one cardio and strength workout, boxing targets the entire body. In addition to boosting strength and cardiorespiratory fitness, boxing improves a number of skill-related parameters of fitness, including balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility,”

So come on now what are you waiting for ……there are 3 great cardio boxing classes currently available to you at The Gym Factory – 6.30pm on Monday, 5.30am on Tuesday and 10.30am on Tuesday and all the equipment you need is provided.

Why not come and join either Warren or I in one of these classes and we will certainly welcome you with a smile and “open gloves”!


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May 15, 2017

What’s all the fuss about foam rolling?

We all know stretching is key for recovery, so you might pull a heel to your butt and try to touch your toes for a second before hitting the showers, or maybe you do a yoga class a couple of times a week. But sometimes simply stretching doesn’t quite cut it. This is where foam rolling, also known as self-myofascial release, can come in handy.

What is fascia? Research in fascia is still very much a developing area of biology and exercise science. We know that Fascia is a webbing of connective tissue that covers all of our muscles, organs bones, and practically every part of our body, connecting it all together and distributing force around our body. Eg. When we squat the fascia under the foot spreads and as we come up it recoils to absorb the ground reaction force and transmit it through the legs.

Why foam rolling helps:

Lack of movement (such as when we sit down at a desk all day) can cause our body to lay down extra layers of fascia which prevent the effective redistribution of force leaving us feeling tight or in pain. Foam rolling is a helpful tool to prevent this from occurring. By physically manipulating our fascia, forcing it to move and glide against other layers with a foam roller we can ‘floss’ out these restrictive connections and prevent restrictions from really setting in.

Foam rolling is also useful where we have muscle imbalances or have been doing repetitive movements that focus on one muscle group (weight lifting). Muscles which are repetitively getting signals to contract, such as when a muscle is trying to compensate from a weaker neighbouring muscle, will develop myofascial trigger points. These make it painful to move or touch and if we don’t release these our body will forge a new path to distribute the forces resulting in an abnormal muscle activation patterns and poor exercise form. Foam rolling can help these trigger points and tightness to release.

How to foam roll:

It is important to feel relaxed whilst we are foam rolling, if we are in too much pain from rolling too aggressively, our nervous system will only tell us to tighten up more.
The easiest effective protocol to foam rolling is if we roll the top half and bottom half of each muscle that needs release 4 times vertically and 4 times horizontally. A smooth roller is better for large area rolling with the ‘nobbly’ rollers or tennis balls are better for trigger points.

If you find a painful trigger point, lightly drag the skin slowly around the area on the roller. Once you have done that then you can go into a specific trigger point. Find the area of tension hold it there and breathe deeply and it should reduce or release within a 60-90 second timeframe. You may have a whole area full or trigger points. Have time to complete the area as if you only deal with one in an area the rest may contract more to ‘take up the slack’.

If you would still like more info on foam rolling and fascia have a chat to me next time you’re in the gym.


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