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Are You Swapping?

We all have trouble sticking to a strict meal plan and know it can be hard work – even for the most dedicated!

Start by making small steps in the right direction, and gradually you will find yourself making wiser decisions automatically!

Working hard in the gym is fantastic, but remember to compliment that hard work with good decisions outside of the gym – this will help you reach your goals faster!

Being on the Northern Beaches, we all spend a lot of time outside of the house, and eating out is sometimes where we fall down – this advice can really help in making a wise choice at that café J

Let’S StARt SWAPpiNg!

Here is a small list of some of our favourite swaps that you can make everyday:

  • Swap soda drinks to mineral water
  • Swap that latte to a short black with a dash of milk.
  • Swap that 3pm binge with a handful of nuts or frozen/fresh berries
  • Swap that ice-cream to natural yoghurt, WPI powder & berry combo.
  • Swap that milk chocolate for a piece of dark 70%^ cacao chocolate
  • Swap cream based dressings for a creamed avocado topping.
  • Swap the apple pastries with a homemade boiled apple bowl served with yoghurt, cinnamon & stevia.
  • Swap your fries for baked sweet potato chips
  • Swap a pizza base for Lebanese flat bread
  • Swap sugar for stevia- simple, yet still sweet!
  • Swap sugar loaded cereal/muesli for plain oats! Top with fresh fruit for a delicious summer feel or chocolate protein power for a warm winter winner.

These are only a few options of ‘SWAPS’, but every day in almost every situation you are faced with a decision, most of us will be able to make a wiser decision if we make ourselves aware of it!

The Gym Factory in Warriewood have qualified personal trainers to get you on the right path, give you great nutritional tips & construct a personalised meal plan just for you.

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