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Fitness reality shows have become pretty popular over the last decade, but do they paint a false image of what it really takes to become fit and healthy?

Since the boom of shows such as ‘’The Biggest Loser’’, which is regularly filmed on the Northern Beaches, people have become far more aware of their own health and fitness and for some, it has even inspired them to want to starttheir own fitness journey – which is absolutely fantastic, and should be applauded, anything that makes people more aware of their health & fitness is a positive! The problem with these shows is that we are given the impression that theonly way to get fit and healthy is to put yourself through deliberating and torturing workouts.

Challenge 1: Exercise needs to be excruciating in order to see any kind of results.

These shows give uneducatedand unhealthy viewers the impression that it is a must to go to the extreme to transform their bodies. Falling off treadmills, grown adults having temper tantrums and outbursts, crying on the ground and not to forget – vomiting. It’s great for TV!But the problem is; the uninformed viewers sitting at home watching, think this is actually what you need to do to get fit and that it is the norm…but it’s not!!

For most people the mindset is “If that’s what it takes to become fit, screw that!’’

Now we are not saying that your exercise program should be easy, or our trainers programs are easy, we are saying that they are appropriate to the individual that they are training in order for that individual to reach their goals!!

Generally slower and more sustainable progress for most people works a lot better,however this would make fairly boring TV viewing….

Challenge 2: Using scales as the only means of progress.

People obsess over “checking their weight”, and don’t get us wrong – the scale is good as a guideline to your progress, but by no means is it the only measure of progress for overall results. There are so many other factors that come into play. For example; building muscle is proven to speed up your metabolism helping you become leaner, but if you measured this simply by the scale it would say you had put on weight! The best way to measure progress is through different methods or using multiple methods. These include body-fat percentage, measurements, as well as fitness testing as well as using the scale will give you the best idea of how much you are progressing. Even if the scales don’t change, you may see that your measurements have changed! Or that your fitness level has improved!

Challenge 3: All or nothing mentality.

These programs give viewers and the contestants an “all or nothing” mentality. You have to lose X amount of weight or you’re going home.Train till you puke or you didn’t train hard enough. There is no middle ground!The truth is that real sustainable weight loss will come about by making small changes in your daily habits from week to week, or day to day.E.g. commit to eating a healthy breakfast each day, or do 20 minutes walking before your morning shower. These changes alone are a celebration in progress, but if we measure our progress purely with scales and how much “weight” we’ve lost, that is just going to knock down ones confidence!


There are huge positives to these shows, because as already mentioned – it makes viewers aware of their own health & fitness. However, we have found that a lot of people have a negative view of training, or personal training due to the extremes that these people get put through.

Remember that a lot of people on these shows are at a “do or die” stage, and they need a real shake up in order get somewhere.

Chances are majority of you reading this are not at the same stage, therefore the way you need to train, and the shift you need in your mind-set would not be anywhere near as great!

In wrapping, if you’ve been put off by TV – take yourself down to your local gym (not a big chain :p), and experience what it is actually like to be trained by a fitness professional!!

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