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Hello my strong friends and family!

Without sounding like a complete sap…I wanted to share a little bit of an inner monologue, and a reminder for some of us in the gym. As I approach my competition, I tend to find myself feeling quite wise and philosophical, which is a huge shift from my usual simple, to the point persona. So let’s run with it and see what comes to fruition. Please bear in mind…this is not directly aimed at only those who powerlift or are gym goers in general. I feel the following topic can apply to all facets of life. I have simply chosen to apply it to my current situation. Feel free to substitute the word “powerlifting” with any activity that applies most to yourself…

Before I continue and get all D&M…please ask yourself a simple question. Why did you start lifting?

As Athletes, and by nature, people who continue to seek progression and results on a regular basis, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and expectations. Initially, they may come easy, thick and fast. This is amazing, and something to be thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, for most of us…this period is short lived…and when the PB’s/results begin to slow down, or come to a grinding halt…things get hella tough…mentally even more so than physically. Some of us may be blessed with a little more mental fortitude than others…and to you guys…kudos! But for the rest of us that really struggle with the mental demons that come with being a competitive mofo…this can be a really testing time.

This is when I want you to answer our initial question. Why did you start?

My bet…is that you started lifting because you enjoyed the challenge of getting stronger. You enjoyed the gym, the sense of family, the culture, the comradery, and true support of likeminded individuals. And put as simply as I can possibly think…you enjoyed lifting.

Key word. ENJOY

One of the penny drop moments I’ve experienced in this preparation phase for my competition…is that it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that we continue to enjoy what we do. After all…what’s the point in doing it if we can’t enjoy it? We don’t get paid for it. It’s not our “job”. We are not obligated in any way to do it. We do it…because it is a hobby and it makes us feel good.

At the moment…my current train of thought is to simply enjoy it. Yes I want results. I want PB’s. I want ALL ZE GAINZZZ. And with the coaching that I have, and the hard work I’m putting in…I can guarantee I will obtain them. But for now…when I’m stepping up to that bar…I’m attempting to do so with a smile on my face.

I am my own harshest critic, and I will continue to be throughout my days of living. I’m ok with that. It helps me to be a better person, a better husband (holy sh!t…I’m a husband now!) and a better person in general. But I’m hell bent on not letting a passion become a chore. I’ve done so in the past and lost my love for something I was not only good at, but truly enjoyed. I’m not prepared to do that again. So please….take a simple man’s, simple advice.

Slow down.
Take a step back.
And just enjoy what you are doing!

Not all gains are physical…

Regards, a smiling Steven Hanson

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