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Hi guys,

Not to rub it in, but since I am heading to Bali for the next 2 weeks, I wanted to talk….


We obviously go away to have a good time, relax and enjoy nice food & drink….however I think it is important that we keep in mind how hard we have been working to look and feel great!

There is the saying….”What happens on vacation, stays on vacation!’’
But overindulging on bad food and not doing exercise- that willcomeback with you!!!

Don’t completely throw away those good eating and exercise habits you’ve got yourself into….

Here are 5 easy steps;

1. You are the BOSS
You don’t want bacon in your omelet, you would like a salad with your steak, not deep fried chips. Be the boss when you’re ordering and ASK — avoid the guilt later.

2. Moderation
You are on holidays, for heaven’s sake. Don’t deprive yourself of the scrumptious foods;just enjoy them in”moderation”. Sample themouth-watering food, don’t feast on it.

3. Exercise without the gym
Go ahead and take astroll after dinner, swim in that beautiful hotel pool, walk to the shops instead of a bus/taxi….simply remain active!

4. Water Is Your Friend
Traveling can dehydrate you, especially if you are going to be in the sun for lengthy periods – which we tend to do when on holiday.Keep a water bottle with you at all times, and keep up that daily intake we have spoken about before > 2-3 Litres per day

5. Home Time
So you’re back from your break and still in holiday mode; don’t excuse the gym –it’s timeto get back intoThe Gym Factory and back into routine!

If you are finding it hard to get motivated after your break – book into our Outdoor Bootcamp class with Willie on Warriewood headland, enjoy your exercise next to the beach and work out while the suns coming up – the beauty of living on the Northern Beaches!

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