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Time to Enjoy Yourselves

Time to enjoy yourselves!

I want to talk about something that often gets ignored in the fitness industry. HAPPINESS.

“Health” and fitness is predominantly a results driven business. I invert commas health, because unfortunately, there is HUGE discrepancy in what some people deem to be healthy.

Open up Instagram, snapchat, YouTube, or any social media channel in general. Everywhere we look, we are lead to believe that these sculpted, lean, shredded, muscle bound physiques are the prime examples of health. But I challenge that theory.

I STRONGLY believe that to be truly healthy, being healthy in the mind is equally as important our body.

Take for example your bodybuilders. They are often portrayed as a perfect example of health and fitness. In magazines. On Instagram. On our tv’s. But have you seen a bodybuilder in their offseason? Do they actually maintain these “ideals” all year round? Chances are they are a fair way off of the original ideal physique, and probably not too happy with their own body anymore. Have you spoken to one as they approach the final days of their competition prep? My guess is they are probably hating on life a little, and particularly hating on those people that are going out to dinner with their friends, eating and drinking what they want, and generally having a great time. This is because they have sacrificed so much, indulged themselves so little, and driven themselves so hard into the ground, striving for every possible ounce of physical improvement, that they have forgotten what it is like to enjoy it all. They are so fixated on the end result, that they may not even enjoy the process of getting there. Workouts are no longer fun, but a necessity. Eating food is no more than a calculated intake of fuel for the body. Social gatherings, well a lot of the time they are an unnecessary inconvenience that gets in the way of the previous two!

Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means having a dig at bodybuilders at all. They are incredible athletes, and the dedication to their sport in something I truly admire. The same goes for any professional athlete. They are obviously amazing at what they do, and inspire us all greatly. But when it’s all said and done. When the competition is over and they’ve hung up the boots, so many fall off the bandwagon, lose their way, and become a shadow of their former “ideal” self. This is where I believe the concept of health and fitness has become blurry…and I intend to clear the water.

As mentioned, fitness is a results driven industry. People determine success by the ability to reach a goal. An end result. The unfortunate by-product of this is that more often than not….people lose sight of the MOST IMPORTANT part to fitness. Enjoying yourself! How….or more importantly, why…would you continually do something you don’t necessarily enjoy? How are you meant to do that long term?

When I speak to people about fitness, as cliché as it may sound, I don’t speak of it as an objective. Fitness is a lifestyle. It isn’t achieved by one particular act or result…it’s achieved by a combination of numerous choices and actions that contribute to an overall change of lifestyle and perspective. Setting goals is an important part of achieving this, don’t get me wrong, it is MASSIVELY important! It keeps us on our toes, keeps us pushing further and harder, and gives us a measure of accountability. Particularly when first beginning your fitness journey and you are trying to get some momentum, goal setting is huge. And the satisfaction of then reaching said goals is amazing…but I encourage you to try and do something in the meantime.

Fall in love with the process!

Set your goals, reach them. Set some more goals. Reach them badboys too! But don’t lose sight of the forest through the tree’s. Enjoy yourself along the way! Mix your workouts up. Have a cheat meal every now and then (within reason!!). Have some fun with it!

I don’t encourage people to train to be the best, or better than anyone else for that matter. Instead. Strive to be better than who you were yesterday. Nutritionally. Physically. Emotionally.Mentally. Embrace the challenge, and fall in love with the process, of simply being a better version of yourself.

The journey is the reward…


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