Class Cancellation Terms

Due to the excessive amount of late class cancellations we have been forced into implementing the following T&Cs to ensure a fair system for ALL of our Members.

If you cannot make a class we ask you login to the website and cancel your booking. If you don’t do this prior to the current cutoff time or don’t attend the class you will receive an email requesting an explanation as to why you didn’t attend the class. If a valid explanation isn’t given within 24hrs you will be awarded a strike, once you have 2 strikes in a month the third occurrence will invoke a $10 penalty.

We totally understand there are occurrences that cannot be helped but we need to put these measures in place due to the lack of canceling being done by some members. We hope that this policy will be beneficial to members that are on the wait lists & assisting the Trainers in preparing their classes.

Trainers will be marking off names of attendees, so please ensure they know your present.
Cut off times for cancellations;
Morning Classes – 12.00am (midnight)
Afternoon Classes – 1.00pm

Please click the button below to agree to these terms and book your class.